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Version 0.1885



  • Fix for servers freezing up (clients can't connect but the server will not hard crash)
  • Fix for asteroids turning brown after revisiting sector
  • New GUI Sliders and New Progress bars


  • Switch to cheses or factories from the inside of ship/build block
  • New option "cargo" in the ship/station dropdown on the top task bar.
  • Access all named inventories from any chest from the panel's dropdown in the top right
  • Have to first rename at least one chest/factory which can be done from within the Inventory Panel.
  • You can name up to 16 inventories per structure for the moment, but it may be raised

Version 0.1882


GUI Fixes

  • fixed display block dialog and input font
  • fixed text limit on trash items
  • fixed list optimization
  • fixed list vram leak
  • fixed catalog delete button
  • fixed navigation panel nullpointer exception
  • fixed personal weapon indexoutofbounds exception
  • fixed reload indications for personal weapons
  • fixed active indication for cloaker etc
  • current recipe now displayed when factory inactive
  • fixed home-base display on own faction. added home-base in faction details in the diplomacy panel
  • added main size in the weapon panel
  • added name of weapon in the weapon panel. I'm still unhappy with this panel and it will probably be redesigned from scratch
  • re-added search for last ship in navigation
  • re-added scan history in navigation
  • re-added change owner for catalog (admins only)
  • updated player list (tab) with new style and sorting
  • texture fixed/changes (by Kupu); added slot numbers to hotbar, minor fixed for graphics, new inventory slot background, added new sprite for several function to make them more clear visually (will be integrated to game in a later update)
  • fixed list reset on updates

Version 0.188


Completely New Gui

Window Position and Size Save

  • Every window can be resized and moved
  • Each window's position is saved and restored even after exiting the game.
  • All key elements of windows will dynamically resize with the window
  • Large lists will no longer cause lag.
  • Virtually every list in the game has now responsive search bars, filters, and sorting on every column.
  • Shop Search
  • Buttons give better feedback

Brand New HUD System

  • Message system less obtrusive
  • A pilot will now get feedback on what effects are currently affecting him
  • Also more instant information like power failure, being hit by a weapon with a side effect and much more will now appear in the HUD for the pilot to see
  • The HUD has been made much cleaner with much less unnecessary info
  • Speed and other information is now in bars to the side
  • Information on what bar is what will display when changing into flight mode and then blend out to make the screen more free
  • The 3 icons on the top right are “shop in distance”, “new mail”, and “trading” (which will be implemented very soon)
New Radar
  • Old radar completely replaced
  • Shows entities relative to player's current horizon
UI Changes
  • Selecting an object now displays shield and power on the top left. Also if the name is too long, it will automatically scroll the name back and forth
  • Options have been restructured to be much easier to navigate
  • Relations of other factions are now accessible in the diplomacy tab
  • Asteroid resource specs are now displayed in its name and also accessible in the navigation tab
  • Item description is now available in the inventory
  • Items can now be destroyed from the inventory
  • If the game window isn’t focused (alt+tabbed), the first click on the window will be consumed, as it’s pretty much random for the mouse system where the first focusing click went. This means no accidentally shooting a weapon or other unwanted actions upon returning to the game
Added Features
  • Navigation Bookmarks: Players can now set up to 20 bookmarks (can be changed in server config) of sectors, and name thm
  • Station Blueprints: Stations now behave exactly like normal blueprints. You can now save your station from within a build block, and buy the blueprint of it. Buying the blueprint from the shop will cost 1m credits. This price can now also be changed in the server config
  • Updated Shop Descriptions: Calbiri updated the shop description for missing entries and correcting spelling etc. More balancing will follow in the coming updates.
  • New Decorative Blocks: Kupu has added three awesome new decorative blocks; Decorative Charts, Decorative Conduits, Scaffolding. Also the icons got updated to be more visible (e.g. for the glass).


  • Fix for players that would prevent the world from saving at all.
  • Another new server config option is now also the separation of total thread pool and cpu thread pool. The default value of CPU thread pool has been lowered to combat the issue of some machines slowing down to the point freezes.
  • Yellow Lights and Yellow Rods now have a working “OFF” state.

Version 0.1867



  • Hopefully fixed vanishing ships bug (hard to track down)
  • Reverted audio lib but added an alternative library (in the startup sound settings (turn OpenAL off)) to combat the problem
  • Fixed faction being overwritten when docking as a neutral on a docking block of another faction
  • Fixed Station spawn propabilities (too much pirate). This will normalize in undiscovered territory only.
  • Fixed black holes spawning in totorial system.
  • Probably fixed black holes spawning in 0 0 0, but if it's still happening, it won't apply gravity
  • Turrets on neutral stations are now decayed
  • Fixed people crashing because of audio lib in the last versions
  • Fixed older blueprints that were not working
  • Fixed new worlds not having any ships with the "enemy spawnable" flag

Version 0.1863



  • Fixed neutrals being denied salvage, and a startup error on servers (which was around for a little longer), that would not cause the server to stop, but be in a very instable state.
  • there was a mac issue which made the game unplayable for them. servers dont need to update for this one.

Version 0.1862


New Features

  • Faction Role Permissions added
  • New player made stations will spawn in neutral sectors.

Bug Fixes


  • 1433 Docked/Turret entities docked to homebase planets are vulnerable on the segments other than the one with the faction block
  • 1424 Random "indexoutofboundsexception" crashes when playing on Multiplayer


  • 1372 Duplicate by using factories, multi slots only
  • 1224 Inconsistencies In blockBehaviorConfig.xml
  • 1351 Skin File Exploit
  • 1431 Anyone can reset the faction signature/ salvage the faction module
  • 1405 Item duplication in factory
  • 1252 Explosive defense system does NOT protect against stop, push or pull
  • 1362 group power penalty is not applied
  • 1441 Faction: Typo and OK button doesn't work

Version 0.1851


New Features

  • Possible asteroid size has been increased by 30%
  • Raw resources in asteroids have been increased by ~30%
  • Doubled mining bonus in territory (both for owner and others)
  • Max stock for shops increased from 10k to 50k
  • Initial fill and refill of shops is now 10 times more
  • Added server.cfg mining multiplicator to basically allow the server admins to decide how hard it should be to mass up blocks.


  • Fixed Planet Cores being vulnerable in protected sectors
  • Fixed blueprints not being destroyed (and refunded) when blueprint is deleted or changed

Version 0.201.200


Entity Sidebar

You now have have another tab on the left side of your advanced build mode. This can be used for quickly building up and managing a ship. It has all the previously missing information for weapons and other modules. There is a quick overview of what blocks you need and how many you have for each ship system. The build button will automatically put the block in your hotbar and select it to build. You can also choose to add blocks for an existing weapon, which selects the computer and puts the module into your hotbar.

In the future, this mode is going to be enhanced to be a non-intrusive tutorial for new players. When placing a ship core the buttons will light up to lead the players on what modules to build and how to build them. This eliminates the need to watch lengthy non-interactive videos or having to check on the wiki.

Build Mode Camera Drones

A long requested feature. Players can now be seen when in build mode. They will each fly in a small camera drone (made by Saber). These drones can also be seen if watching outside of build mode.

The drones come equipped with a flashlight (toggles on ‘P’ by default or in the display setting in adv. Build mode), as well as the option to display the name of the player below the drone.

Adjustable Cockpit view

Another long requested feature. It is now possible to adjust the view of your cockpit blocks individually. Just press ‘P’ while in a cockpit in flight mode to unlock the camera and freely move it. Press ‘P’ again to lock the new view in place. This mode is fully persistent, meaning it will not only save between sessions and apply for other players that fly your ship, it will also save within the blueprint.

Keep in mind that this mode is currently still a bit experimental, as there are some minor issues and more features coming for this. One of those features will be delayed camera movement to make flying a lot more fun all around, as well as HUD updates. There will be fixes to handle differently orientated cockpit blocks better as well as other fixes for the “aim at” check.

Block Editor Model Tab

The block editor has been cleaned up to make block editing a lot faster and easier.

An all new tab has been added for the Block Editor. This tab contains all information and management for the models in the game. This will speed up development and integration of models considerably in the future, especially for the universe update.


Kupu completed specular mapping, made a unique texture for the Area Trigger and the Cargo Space, Green Forcefield, as well as the Green Cascade deco block.

Logic Changes

Logic will now only transmit the end state of the blocks. Fast logic clocks caused over 500 state changes per update, which was not only a performance drain but also bandwidth.

To compensate for the necessity of having fast clocks, modules now stay active when a logic block is connected that was switched to active. Currently the activity will reset if the entity unloads, in which case the logic block would have to be turned off and on again. Persistence for that will be added in the next update.

Pin AI Targets

Pilots can now specify (pin) targets for AI targeting. When having a target selected, press ‘x’ in flight mode to specify this target for AI fire, while the pilot can select a different entity.

Bug fixes

The more important bug fixes will be listed first.

  • Possible Fix for missing/reverted chunks This bug seems to be finally fixed (can’t call it 100% fixed yet without long term experience on production, since we had no way of reproducing it). The bug was possibly caused by save events marking chunks as not validated on the server, but at the same time not queuing them for validation cause of another event at the same time. This caused those chunks to not be saved in that session.
  • Fixed all crashes due to malformed translation Strings If there was an error in a translation string format (e.g. using malformed arguments), the game would previously crash. These bugs would be fairly hard to track down since they would only happen in that specific language. The system has now been updated to compensate for those bugs and automatically replace the string with an error.
  • Fixed pirate/tg spawning when attacking a station
  • Fix for missing Area Trigger icon, + icons for new blocks.
  • Custom texture for cargo block in build mode
  • Fix for cargo draw issues (on transparent blocks)
  • Torch beam damage upped from 1 to 4
  • Fixed nullpointer on UI when active reactor changes
  • Fixed bug that would prevent newly spawned planets and asteroids from being saved when edited (existing ones had no problem).
  • Removed popup when opening storage
  • Added more info in the build mode entity info
  • Temporary shield disable now affects whole structure incl. all docks, instead of just the entity it was triggered on.
  • Fixed crash after setting the "Pull up to" value of Cargo to 0.
  • Turn rate config values exposed and explained in blockBehaviorConfig
  • Fixed custom block texture handling
  • Fixes map drawing
  • Fixes crash when changing certain graphics settings in game.
  • Fixes shield message spam
  • Fixed client crash when shipyard anchor was removed when a design was loaded