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Community Terminology refers to several informal names or slang created and used by StarMade's community members to reference player-built systems and/or designs other than those provided directly to the player by the game. Mainly used on the various StarMade community websites such as the StarMade Dock forums.


Most terms refer to systems built by players to utilise deliberately implemented systems, as well as unintended systems that emerge naturally as Schine continues to introduce new blocks and mechanics into the game; these can be separated into basic and specific terms, with basic terms referring mostly to intended systems and specific terms largely referring to unintended emergent technologies or 'tech'

Basic terms

  • AMS: Shorthand for "Anti-Missile System". Almost exclusively refers to small turrets designed to shoot down missiles using the "Missiles" targeting option in the BOBBY AI Module.
  • Dedgaem: Intentional misspelling of "dead game", commonly used as an inside joke between veteran players or as an accurate descriptor of StarMade as a whole.
  • PD: Shorthand for "Point Defense". This term is frequently used interchangeably with "AMS", however it may also refer to small turrets designed to shoot down other small targets, such as fighters, drones, or torpedoes.
  • Drone: Small, AI-controlled ships. Usually released from a larger carrier ship in large numbers to aid a player in combat.
  • Torpedo: Physical projectile composed of blocks that damage their target using warhead blocks. Also known as 'Torps'.
  • Kilonaught: A ship more than 1km in any dimension. This generally only applies to appropriately scaled ships, so a 1x1x1000 stick-ship is not a kilonaught.
  • Noob Cube: also known as 'Doomcube', 'Doom brick', or '(Flying) Fridge'. Consists of large clumps of systems (typically haphazardly placed) to create a ship that uses its sheer size to defeat opponents. These ships typically take the form of cubes or rectangular prisms, especially when armoured, hence the name. Non-armoured variants can be referred to as "System Bricks". While, as the name implies, these types of ships are often created by newer players and thus exhibit a low level of building competence, some 'noob cubes' can carry powerful and well-engineered systems, making them extremely difficult to defeat.
  • Nuke: A popular name for a missile weapon utilizing the pulse slave, aka missile/pulse. Can also refer to any extremely powerful missile.
  • Self Sufficient "X": also known as "Self-powering Turrets". By using the power-sharing system, it is possible to power the gun of a turret from its own on-board power regeneration and capacity, and/or regeneration and capacity from its turret base, so as not to apply extra power load to the main ship. While not required, this can in some cases be favourable, especially on larger ships where main-ship power for turrets may be limited.
  • Aux Bank: This term refers to a grouping of the Power Auxiliary block into numbers that normally do not exceed 10,000 blocks per group. Also known as "Aux Cell", "Aux Unit", or "Aux Battery", among other terms.

Specific terms

  • Docked Reactor: A docked entity, typically within a ship, that provides power to its parent entity via Power Supply beams. As of StarMade version 0.199.214, these are no longer functional.
  • Inline reactor: Similar to docked reactors, however they function by having the entity being supplied docked directly to the reactor, allowing it to draw power without the use of supply beams. Inline reactors are frequently used to power turrets on large ships.
  • Saber beam: A weapon that utilizes a fast logic clock to fire a series of beams at slight intervals to each other. This allows the composite beam to do damage far more quickly than a conventional beam weapon, with less power cost.
  • Chain drive: Also known as a "Logic Drive" or "Logic Jumpdrive", Chain drives series of small jump drives rapidly charged by a fast logic clock in order to allow for many jumps in a short space of time, these became non-functional after the release of Power 2.0, which removed the mechanics necessary for Chain drives to work. However people have made Chain drives that work in he newer versions.
  • Missile drill: An array of dumbfire missiles (Typically Missile/Cannon) fired in rapid succession (possibly continuously) in order to do massive damage to a concentrated area at short range.
  • Pulse lance: A melee weapon utilising Area Trigger systems to activate a Damage Pulse system when it comes into contact with a surface.
  • Autocannon: Also known as an 'autogun', these are docked entities consisting primarily of a weapon and a BOBBY AI Module, similar to a turret barrel. In essence, autoguns function as fixed (non-rotating) turrets that fire in a 30 degree arc in the Ship Core's forward direction.