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Pages Creation

All contribution are welcomed ! Add content is really appreciated, You can document or make tutorial too.

You can find documentation of template by search : template:NAME/doc (where NAME is the name of template)

Doc of actual templates are :




Pages Modification

Thanks to be sure that information you post are right.


Ask for admin Wiki on forum before modify templates. Somes have many inclusions on important parts and disfunction can appear on displayed scripts. If you have suggestions on templates or wiki form you can formule your thinks on forum or by contacting wiki admins.

You can find Documentation of database system here.

A little explain of how mediawiki work and how I uses it here


To translate a page of the wiki, create a new one with the l10n of the language, actually language set are : en,fr,de,es,ru.

ie for french : >>> >>>

for russian : >>> >>>