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Hit Points50
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)159

Doloms are pieces of white Asteroids found out in the universe. They are necessary in the production of paints for colored hull blocks.

Item Description

A white stone.


Asteroid Minerals, unlike crystals and ore, function just like normal blocks in game. As such they can be placed and removed normally. Salvage systems are more than adequate to mass harvest these blocks. However it should be noted that since they are blocks they DO NOT benefit from the faction mining multiplier bonus.


Asteroid Rocks ChabazChabaz.pngCinnabarCinnabar.pngDolomDolom.pngLarimarLarimar.pngLukrahLukrah.pngSugilSugil.pngTektTekt.pngVarisVaris.png
Capsules Chabaz CapsuleChabaz Capsule.pngCinnabar CapsuleCinnabar Capsule.pngDolom CapsuleDolom Capsule.pngLarimar CapsuleLarimar Capsule.pngLukrah CapsuleLukrah Capsule.pngSugil CapsuleSugil Capsule.pngTekt CapsuleTekt Capsule.pngVaris CapsuleVaris Capsule.png
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