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Planets are large celestial objects in StarMade that populate the universe and are often used as bases of operations for players.


Planets are massive Dodecahedron shaped entities that will only spawn in Star Systems. Systems with purple circles usually, but not always, indicates the existence of a planet.

Their surfaces are made up of 12 plates. Depending on the size of the planet each plate could contain anywhere from hundred of thousands to millions of blocks. Every plate is centered around a molten core, the churning mass that keeps the planet together.




Types of Planets

  • Terran Planet-Green Verdant Earth-like worlds. These planets are covered in trees and flowers while the landscape is dotted with large mountains and deep valleys.
  • Red Planet- Hellish burn worlds. These planets are very Mars-like and are covered in fungi.
  • Ice Planet- Cold and lonely worlds of ice. These planets are made almost entirely out of ice and feature large plateaus with maze like valleys beneath.
  • Desert Planet-Hot and dusty worlds. These planets have plates full of sand a dangerous lava.
  • Alien Planet- Strange and unsettling worlds. These planets see large tendril-like rock formations arching the surface. The ground appears to be made of living tissue.


  • Prior to Alpha Version 0.15, Planets were disk shaped and only consisted of one plate. It was entirely possible to fall off the side and drop completely out of the gravity of a planet.

Upcoming Features

  • Moons and Rings