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Reactor chambers provide special effects (mostly buffs) and abilities to an entity or specific systems of that entity. At least one block of a chamber must be linked directly to a Reactor block by a path of Reactor Conduits. Second-tier effects can be achieved by linking a second chamber of the same type to an existing chamber by a path of conduit blocks.

Chamber List

Name Description
Reactor Defense Chamber Reactor Defense Chamber.png The Defense Chamber is a designed to augment an entity's defensive capabilities. Its chamber tree is primarily divided between shield and armor defenses. Armor augments include increased damage resistance as well as the ability to regenerate lost armor hit points. The Shield defenses can increase the max shield capacity while also enable damage resistance prioritization. One unique non-combat buff is an armor based defense against the Heat Damage of Stars.
Reactor FTL Chamber Reactor FTL Chamber.png The FTL or "Faster-Than-Light" chamber is a chamber that increases an entity's fast travel abilities. It has trees that can augment the jump capabilities for ships, such as increased jump range, as well as a Space Stations warp gate's. For example: A warp gate cam be augmented to freely transport ships to any specified spot within its range without the need for a second warp gate. It also enables an entity to lock Sectors down by using Jump Interdiction.
Reactor Logistics Chamber Reactor Logistics Chamber.png The Logistics Chamber allows entities to increase their production capabilities among other unique buffs. It can increase the amount of harvested Raw Materials from sources making it an extremely valuable augment for mining ships. The chamber can also boost the productivity of factory's on a Space Station. It also contains the ability to reduce or out right nullify the shield outage penalty for transporters.
Reactor Mass Chamber Reactor Mass Chamber.png A mostly Space Station centered chamber, the Mass chamber allows space stations to generate a gravity field similar to Planets. When activated the field will remain on until it is deactivated by the player. Whilst active a gravity field will either pull ships or players toward itself or away from itself, depending greatly on the type of gravity field.
Reactor Mobility Chamber Reactor Mobility Chamber.png The Mobility chamber is intended to be used exclusively on ships. While allowing for basic flight augmentations (top speed increase and turn rate) it can also grant the ability to use the Thrust Blast. The Thrust Blast allows a ship to speed up suddenly at the press of a button. Extremely good for bursts of speed when changing flight directions.
Reactor Power Chamber Reactor Power Chamber.png The Power chamber deals with augmentations centered around an entity's Reactors. Its main active ability is an energy regeneration boost that dramatically increases the entity's power regen. This sudden but limited boost in power allows ships or space stations to field more powerful weapons and systems then they normally would. This chamber can also enable a reactor fail safe system that automatically changes to another reactor if the entity's active reactor has surpassed a damage threshold.
Reactor Recon Chamber Reactor Recon Chamber.png The Recon Chamber is entirely centered around boosting the scanner ability on ships. It contains basic buffs to recharge speed, scan strength, and power efficiency however it also allows for interesting and unique upgrades. The Cargo scanner allows players to see the manifest of an entity's cargo holds while the Ore scanner can peer into an Asteroid and show exactly how many units of ore and crystal it contains.
Reactor Stealth Chamber Reactor Stealth Chamber.png The Stealth chamber grants a ship the ability to use the Stealth drive, an active ability that can allow a ship to go undetected for various lengths of time. The chamber trees can also grant increasing degrees of stealth capabilities. For example: scrambling and disabling missile locks as well as turning completely invisible.

Chamber Sizes

Chambers have a size requirement that scales with the reactor size. The more Reactor Power blocks there are in the connected reactor, the the higher the number of Chamber blocks is.

As testing shows, the amount of blocks is equal to one thousandth of the power block count, minus one, rounded up to at least 1.

Therefore, the formula below can calculate the chamber size needed:

N = number of Chamber blocks;

P = number of Reactor Power blocks

N = 1 if P < 2000;

N = ceil((P/1000)-1) if P ≥ 2000


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