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Scavengers are an overtly hostile faction that roam the universe in search of useful scrap to build their ships and infrastructure. They will attack the player upon site and will only yield if appeased through diplomacy.






Arma Class Fighter
This fighter for the Scavengers is primarily focused on armor plating. The plating is quite interesting, as it is largely separated from the rest of the hull. This additional armor slows the ship down quite a bit.

Arma.png Stats
Class Light Fighter
Mass 356.4
45m / 15m / 20m
50,000 14,833.4e/sec
Thrust / Max Speed 282.2 96.9
0 0s/sec
Armor Hit Points 139,925
Structure Hit Points 43,810
Weapons Cannon Computer.pngPiercing Effect Computer.png Cannon Computer
+Piercing Effect (37.8%)
Stat Value
Number of Arrays 1
Damage Output (Per Array/Total DPS) 1,020 1,020
Block Penetration 16
Reload (In Seconds) 1.0
Shots (Per Activation) 1
Projectile Speed (In Meters per Second) 937.5
Range (In Sector Lengths) 1.0
Power Usage (Per Array & Per Activation) 10,200.00
Equipment Scanner Computer.png Scanner System Stat Value
Number of Blocks 14
Total Charged Needed 236,406.78
Charge Time (Approx.) 44.00 sec
Power Usage (Per Second) 5,350.00
Modules/Modules Needed 14 104
Jump Drive Computer.png Jump Drive System Stat Value
Number of Blocks 33
Total Charged Needed 489,276.1
Charge Time (Approx.) 42.00 sec
Power Usage (Per Second while Charging) 11,650.00
Modules/Modules Needed 33 179
Inner Ship Remote.png Inner Ship Remote"Engine" Toggles the Engine lights on and off.
Rail Docker.png Rail Docker
(Location: 14,13,15)
Located underneath the vessel.


Carrus Class Freighter
The Carrus is a small freighter designed to transport scrap and salvage for the Scavengers. It is relatively small, and does not boast a noteworthy cargo capacity, but it gets the job done for small Scavenger operations.

Carrus.png Stats
Class Freighter
(Base/ With Docks)
1,823.2 1,851.2
80m / 18m / 33m
632,730.7 148,678.3 e/sec
Thrust / Max Speed 1,691.6 106.0
0 0s/sec
Armor Hit Points 722,375
Structure Hit Points 308,775
Weapons Missile Computer.pngMissile Computer.pngPiercing Effect Computer.png Missile Computer
+Missile Computer(100%)
+Punch-Through Effect (100%)
Stat Value
Number of Arrays 4
Type Lock On
Damage Output (Per Array) 2,340
Blast Radius (In Blocks) 9
Reload (In Seconds) 15.0
Shots (Per Activation) 10
Projectile Speed (In Meters per Second) 93
Range (In Sector Lengths) 1.6
Power Usage (Per Array/ Per Activation) 125,775.0
Equipment Scanner Computer.png Scanner System Stat Value
Number of Blocks 50
Total Charged Needed 326,692.75
Charge Time (Approx.) 52.00 sec
Power Usage (Per Second) 6,250.00
Modules/Modules Needed 50 639
Jump Drive Computer.png Jump Drive System Stat Value
Number of Blocks 276
Total Charged Needed 955,065.25
Charge Time (Approx.) 40.00 sec
Power Usage (Per Second while Charging) 23,800.00
Modules/Modules Needed 276 926
Inner Ship Remote.png Inner Ship Remote"Hanger Door" Opens and closes the rail door located in front of the vessel.
Inner Ship Remote.png Inner Ship Remote"Engine" Toggles the Engine lights on and off.
Rail Docker.png Rail Docker
(Location: 9,13,-4)
Part of a USD dock on the vessel's right side.
Dock(s) 1 x Rail Door Acts as a loading dock for the cargo bay Stat Value
Mass 28.0
Armor Hit Points 13,175
Structure Hit Points 915


Cestus Class Scout Craft
The Scavengers prey on defenseless traders and travelers. In order to find these targets among the stars, the Scavengers make use of various scout ships to track down their marks. This particular vessel is comprised of salvaged ship parts.


Chakram Class Fighter
This ship is one of the more popular designs in the Scavenger lineup. The ship was built with speed in mind. The entire ship is built around a ring structure in the center. The ring could be made from anything, but forms the basis for the rest of the ship.


Hanbo Class Fighter
The Hanbo is one of the few symmetrical ships in the Scavenger lineups. It is created using the remains of large cannon barrels. The systems are massive for a fighter sized vessel, and comprise most of the structure.


Hwacha Class Missile Boat
The missile boat is an almalgamation of multiple components and vessels. The bridge formed part of the decks on a larger structure. The engines and nearby components were fitted on the rear. Along the ship runs a large power core, taken from another large vessel. Along each side are armor plates.


Karambit Class Fighter
The Scavengers often try to replicate successful designs with new salvage. Without having the same components, this often results in variants of what is essentially the same hull. The Karambit is one of a few different takes on the popular Chakram hull.


Kestros Class Scout
This is the smallest scout in the Scavenger fleet. This ship comes with no jump drive, and is solely used for scanning space for targets. The ship is uncomfortable to sit in, and best used on short term missions. It is not expected for a pilot to use this ship for more than a few hours.


Kontos Class Bomber
Why have one missile, when you can have two? The Kontos answers that question, with twice the launch tubes as the Xyston. The Kontos is a very similar design, however several major modifications have been made to the hull. The cockpit for example is moved into the compartment where the barrel on the Xyston used to be.


Kukri Class Frigate
This particular frigate in the Scavenger fleet is a partially destroyed and reconfigured Trading Guild Frigate. The vessel has been heavily modified with new structures and systems. From the starboard side it is intended to appear as a damaged version of the original ship. Upon closer inspection one will discover this is not a vessel of peace.


Mantlet Class Fighter Bomber
The Mantlet is a variation of the Arma class fighter, but is technically a bomber. The Arma was built to withstand severe missile impacts with it's armor shield. The Mantlet takes it a step farther.


Sparth Class Small Boarding Vessel
The Scavengers often take to boarding enemy ships, in the hopes that they can salvage more than just a destroyed husk of a ship. This requires dedicated boarding craft however, and so this is where the Sparth comes into play.


Tessen Class Fighter
This variant of the Chakram hull has been fitted with heavy Jump Drive modifications. This is an unusual and variation of the design and is seen rarely.


Xyston Class Bomber
The Scavengers primarily use rockets and missiles for their hardest hitting ships. These systems aren't as complex as cannons or damage beams, and so are easily fit onto ships. The Xyston is the smallest dedicated bomber in the Scavenger lineup.