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Schine GmbH (full German name: Schine Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung), pronounced /ʃaɪn/ (shine), also known as Schine, is an independent video game developer. StarMade is the company's first and only game. It was founded by Robin Promesberger. The official residence is located in Munich, Germany, although employees reside in a multitude of countries.

Current team members

Name Avatar Position: Twitter StarMade Username
Robin 'Schema' Promesberger Robin Promesberger.png Founder of Schine, creator of StarMade
Lead developer
@schemaxx schema
Tai 'DukeofRealms' Coromandel Tai Coromandel.png Chief Operating Officer @DukeofRealms DukeofRealms
Tom 'kupu' Berridge Tom Berridge.png 2D Artist @berridge_tom kupu
Andy Püttmann Andy Püttmann.png Customer Experience Manager @AndyPue andyp
Michael 'bench' Debevec Michael Debevec.png Creative Director @MichaelDebevec bench
Jay 'Saber' Gaskell Jay Gaskell.png 3D Art Director @GamingWithSaber Saber
Brent 'lancake' Van Hoecke Brent Van Hoecke.png Test Lead @Lan_cake lancake
Eric 'criss' Hobson Eric Hobson.png Social Media @CrissTNB criss
Terra 'calani' Rain Terra Rain.png Web Developer calani
Daniel 'dank' Tusjak Daniel Tusjak.png Music @DanielTusjak danki
Jordan 'auburn' Peck Jordan Peck.png Game Developer auburn
Sean 'nightrune' Sill Sean Sill.png Game Developer @nightrune90 nightrune

Former team members

Name Avatar Position StarMade Username Notes
Kevin Collins Texture Designer beetlebear Was involved in StarMade before the creation of Schine, and was therefore not an employee. However, he was recognised as the official texture designer.
Carlo Frietschy System Administrator Burnjack Recognised as the system administrator for the StarMade website, similar to Kevin, he was involved in StarMade before the creation of Schine. Went inactive in 2013.
Mike 'Audentio' Creuzer Mike Creuzer.png Web Designer Audentio Inactive.
Keaton 'Omni' Pursell Keaton Pursell.png 3D Artist @Omnimmotus
Joshua 'Calbiri' Keel Joshua Keel.png Assistant Game Designer @Calbiri
Adam 'bspkrs' Boyle 150px Game Developer @bspkrs
Kramer Campbell Kramer Campbell.png Web Developer
Mitch 'micdoodle8' Petrie Mitch Petrie.png Game Developer @micdoodle8 micdoodle8
Miles 'wedtm' Smith Miles Smith.png Chief Operating Officer @wedtm