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Welcome to the Frontier!

StarMade is a 3D sandbox space shooter created by Robin "schema" Promesberger, founder of Schine. The game allows players to explore the vastness of space; building factories; creating ships, space stations and structures out of various block types. Both single-player worlds and multi-player servers are available players. StarMade is currently in Alpha, and is a free-to-play game. There are plans to transfer to a paid model some time in the future. StarMade can also be optionally purchased, in return your profiles are linked to your Registry account and cannot be taken by other players. This is also a great way to get the game at a lower price (when StarMade goes to a paid model, the price will likely increase) and allows you to support the developers.

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Game Mechanics


Reactors Chambers Propulsion
Reactor Main.png Reactor Power Chamber.png Thruster Module.png

Weapons Shield Systems Effects
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Logic Signals Support Tools Docking
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