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The server.cfg is a file containing the server settings. It can be edited to change settings for the server, including but not limited to: speed limit and the amount of blocks that can be placed removed or modified using the advanced build option.

Default Config Settings (As of Alpha 0.199.433)

WORLD = world0 //set world to use (set 'old' for using the old world). if no world exists a new one will be set automatically
PROTECT_STARTING_SECTOR = false //Protects the starting sector
ENABLE_SIMULATION = true //Universe AI simulation
CONCURRENT_SIMULATION = 256 //How many simulation groups may be in the universe simultaniously (performance)
ENEMY_SPAWNING = true //Enables enemy spawing
SECTOR_SIZE = 2000 //Sets the size of sectors in the universe **WARNING** scaling the size of an existing universe down may cause issues
BLUEPRINT_DEFAULT_PRIVATE = true //If true, set blueprints private as default (else they are public)
FLOATING_ITEM_LIFETIME_SECS = 240 //How much seconds items floating in space should be alive
SIMULATION_SPAWN_DELAY = 420 //How much seconds between simulation spawn ticks
SIMULATION_TRADING_FILLS_SHOPS = true //Trading guild will deliver stock to shops
SECTOR_INACTIVE_TIMEOUT = 20 //Time in secs after which sectors go inactive (-1 = off)
SECTOR_INACTIVE_CLEANUP_TIMEOUT = 10 //Time in secs after which inactive sectors are completely removed from memory (-1 = off)
USE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION = false //allow authentication
PROTECTED_NAMES_BY_ACCOUNT = 10 //How many player names a player may protect with his account (if exceeded, the player name, that was logged in the longest time ago gets unprotected)
DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_ENEMY_USE = true //Default option for blueprints not in catalog yet
DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_FACTION_BUY = true //Default option for blueprints not in catalog yet
DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_OTHERS_BUY = true //Default option for blueprints not in catalog yet
DEFAULT_BLUEPRINT_HOME_BASE_BUY = true //Default option for blueprints not in catalog yet
LOCK_FACTION_SHIPS = true //If true, ships of other factions cant be edited, activated, or entered
DEBUG_FSM_STATE = false //transfer debug FSM state. Turning this on may slow down network
PHYSICS_SHAPE_CASTING_TUNNELING_PREVENTION = false //Makes a convex cast for hight speed object to prevent clipping. High Cost. (Bugged right now, so dont turn it on)
CATALOG_SLOTS_PER_PLAYER = -1 //How many slots per player for saved ships (-1 for unlimited)
UNIVERSE_DAY_IN_MS = 1200000 //how long is a 'day' (stellar system rotation) in milliseconds (-1 to switch off system rotation)
FORCE_DISK_WRITE_COMPLETION = false //forces writing operations of raw data to disk directly after operation. For some OS this prevents raw data corruption
ASTEROIDS_ENABLE_DYNAMIC_PHYSICS = true //enables asteroids to be able to move in space
ENABLE_BREAK_OFF = false //debug (don't activate unless you know what you're doing)
COLLISION_DAMAGE = false //colliding into another object does damage
COLLISION_DAMAGE_THRESHOLD = 2.0 //Threshold of Impulse that does damage (the lower, the less force is needed for damage)
SKIN_ALLOW_UPLOAD = true //if off, skin uploading to server is deactivated
CATALOG_NAME_COLLISION_HANDLING = false //if off, saving with an existing entry is denied, if on the name is automatically changed by adding numbers on the end
SECTOR_AUTOSAVE_SEC = 300 //Time interval in secs the server will autosave (-1 for never)
PHYSICS_SLOWDOWN_THRESHOLD = 40 //Milliseconds a collision test may take before anti-slowdown mode is activated
THRUST_SPEED_LIMIT = 75 //How fast ships, etc. may go in m/s . Too high values may induce physics tunneling effects
MAX_CLIENTS = 32 //Max number of clients allowed on this server
SUPER_ADMIN_PASSWORD_USE = false //Enable super admin for this server
SUPER_ADMIN_PASSWORD = mypassword //Super admin password for this server
SERVER_LISTEN_IP = all //Enter specific ip for the server to listen to. use "all" to listen on every ip
SOCKET_BUFFER_SIZE = 65536 //buffer size of incoming and outgoing data per socket
PHYSICS_LINEAR_DAMPING = 0.05 //how much object slow down naturally (must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no slowdown
PHYSICS_ROTATIONAL_DAMPING = 0.05 //how much object slow down naturally (must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no slowdown
AI_DESTRUCTION_LOOT_COUNT_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items in a loot stack. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
AI_DESTRUCTION_LOOT_STACK_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items spawned after AI destruction. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
CHEST_LOOT_COUNT_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items in a loot stack. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
CHEST_LOOT_STACK_MULTIPLIER = 0.9 //multiply amount of items spawned in chests of generated chests. use values smaller 1 for less and 0 for none
USE_WHITELIST = false //only names/ips from whitelist.txt are allowed
FILTER_CONNECTION_MESSAGES = false //don't display join/disconnect messages
USE_UDP = false //Use 'User Datagram Protocol' (UDP) instead of 'Transmission Control Protocol' (TCP) for connections
AUTO_KICK_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Kick players that spawn modified blueprints
AUTO_BAN_ID_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by name that spawn modified blueprints
AUTO_BAN_IP_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_USE = false //Ban player by IP that spawn modified blueprints
AUTO_BAN_TIME_IN_MINUTES = 60 //Time to ban in minutes (-1 for permanently)
REMOVE_MODIFIED_BLUEPRINTS = false //Auto-removes a modified blueprint
DEBUG_SEGMENT_WRITING = false //Debugs correctness of writing of segments (costs server performance)
TCP_NODELAY = true //Naggles algorithm (WARNING: only change when you know what you're doing)
PING_FLUSH = false //flushes ping/pong immediately (WARNING: only change when you know what you're doing)
RECIPE_BLOCK_COST = 5000 //How much blocks have to be invested to create a recipe (min 0)
SHOP_SPAWNING_PROBABILITY = 0.1 //(must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no shops spawned in asteroid sectors, 1 is shop spawned in everyone (default: 8% -> 0.08)
RECIPE_REFUND_MULT = 0.5 //how much blocks are refunded from selling a recipe (must be between 0 and 1): 0 no refund, 1 full refund
RECIPE_LEVEL_AMOUNT = 4000 //On how much created blocks will a recipe level up (base value) (min 0)
DEFAULT_SPAWN_SECTOR_X = 2 //DEFAULT Spawn Sector X Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_SECTOR_Y = 2 //DEFAULT Spawn Sector Y Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_SECTOR_Z = 2 //DEFAULT Spawn Sector Z Coordinate
MODIFIED_BLUEPRINT_TOLERANCE = 0.1 //Tolerance of modified blueprint trigger (default = 10%)
TURNING_DIMENSION_SCALE = 1.1 //Scaling of tuning speed VS ship dimension (default = 1.1)
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_X_1 = 8.0 //First Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Y_1 = -6.5 //First Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Z_1 = 0.0 //First Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_X_2 = 15.0 //Second Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Y_2 = -6.5 //Second Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Z_2 = 8.0 //Second Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_X_3 = 8.0 //Third Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Y_3 = -6.5 //Third Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Z_3 = 15.0 //Third Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_X_4 = 0.0 //Forth Rotating Spawn: Local Pos X Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Y_4 = -6.5 //Forth Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Y Coordinate
DEFAULT_SPAWN_POINT_Z_4 = 8.0 //Forth Rotating Spawn: Local Pos Z Coordinate
PLAYER_DEATH_CREDIT_PUNISHMENT = 0.1 //players credits lost of total on death (must be between 0 and 1): 1 = lose all, 0 = keep all
PLAYER_DEATH_CREDIT_DROP = false //drop credits lost on death into space instead
PLAYER_DEATH_BLOCK_PUNISHMENT = false //player will drop all his blocks into space on death
PLAYER_DEATH_PUNISHMENT_TIME = 300 //Time interval in seconds after death of a player in which the player is not punished
PLAYER_DEATH_INVULNERABILITY_TIME = 5 //Time the player is invulnerable after death in sec
PLAYER_HISTORY_BACKLOG = 30 //How many login history objects (with name, IP, account-name, and time) should be saved by player state
PROJECTILES_ADDITIVE_VELOCITY = false //initial projectile speed depend on relative linear velocity of object fired from
PROJECTILES_VELOCITY_MULTIPLIER = 1.0 //multiplicator for projectile velocity
IGNORE_DOCKING_AREA = false //ignores docking area size
ALLOW_UPLOAD_FROM_LOCAL_BLUEPRINTS = true //enables clients being able to upload their pre-build-blueprints to the server
SHOP_NPC_STARTING_CREDITS = 10000000 //how much credits do shops start with
SHOP_NPC_RECHARGE_CREDITS = 100000 //how much credits do shops gain about every 10 min
AI_WEAPON_AIMING_ACCURACY = 200 //how accurate the AI aims (the higher the value the more accurate vs distance. 10 = about 99% accuracy at 10m)
BROADCAST_SHIELD_PERCENTAGE = 5 //percent of shields changed for the server to broadcast a shield synch
BROADCAST_POWER_PERCENTAGE = 50 //percent of power changed for the server to broadcast a power synch (not that critical)
ADMINS_CIRCUMVENT_STRUCTURE_CONTROL = true //admins can enter ships of any faction
STAR_DAMAGE = true //suns dealing damage to entities
SQL_NIO_FILE_SIZE = 256 //megabyte limit of .data file when to use NIO (faster) (must be power of 2)
PLANET_SIZE_MEAN = 225.0 //Planet size mean (normal gaussian distribution) (min 50)
PLANET_SIZE_DEVIATION = 85.0 //Planet size standard deviation. Note: normal gaussian distribution graph scaled horizontally by 1/3 (min 0)
ASTEROID_RADIUS_MAX = 64 //Asteroid max radius in blocks (from -x to +x)
ASTEROID_RESOURCE_SIZE = 2.5 //Average diameter of resource veins in asteroids
ASTEROID_RESOURCE_CHANCE = 0.003 //Chance per block to place a new resource vein (1.0 = 100%)
PLAYER_MAX_BUILD_AREA = 10 //max area a player may add/remove in adv. build mode
NT_SPAM_PROTECT_TIME_MS = 30000 //period of spam protection
ASTEROID_SECTOR_REPLENISH_TIME_SEC = -1 //seconds until a sector that is mined down to 0 asteroids is replenished (-1 = never)
NT_SPAM_PROTECT_MAX_ATTEMPTS = 30 //max attempts before refusing connections in spam protect period (default is 1/sec for 30 sec)
NT_SPAM_PROTECT_EXCEPTIONS = //ips excepted from spam control (separate multiple with comma) (default is localhost)
NT_SPAM_PROTECT_ACTIVE = true //enables connection spawn protection (flooding servers with login attempts)
USE_PERSONAL_SECTORS = false //will spawn a player in a locked sector sandbox (warning, don't use unless you know what you do)
BATTLE_MODE = false //turn on battlemode (warning, don't use unless you know what you're doing)
BATTLE_MODE_CONFIG = battleSector=0,0,0,Physics.smsec;battleSector=15,15,15,Physics.smsec;countdownRound=300;countdownStart=30;maxMass=-1;maxDim=300;maxMassPerFaction=-1; //General config for battlemode
BATTLE_MODE_FACTIONS = [TeamA, fighters, 500,500,500, 0.5,0.1,0.9];[TeamB, fighters, -500,-500,-500, 0.5,0.9,0.2];[TeamFFA,ffa, 0,0,-500, 0.2,0.9,0.9];[Spectators,spectators, 0,500,0,0.8,0.4,0.8] //Faction config for battlemode
LEADERBOARD_BACKLOG = 24 //time in hours to keep leaderboard backlog (the more time, the more data has to be sent to client)
ANNOUNCE_SERVER_TO_SERVERLIST = false //announces the server to the starmade server list so clients can find it. Hostname must be provided for HOST_NAME_TO_ANNOUNCE_TO_SERVER_LIST!
HOST_NAME_TO_ANNOUNCE_TO_SERVER_LIST = //this must be a valid hostname (either ip or host, e.g.
SERVER_LIST_NAME = NoName //max length 64 characters
SERVER_LIST_DESCRIPTION = NoDescription //max length 128 characters
MISSILE_DEFENSE_FRIENDLY_FIRE = true //can shoot down own or missiles from own faction
USE_DYNAMIC_RECIPE_PRICES = true //use recipe based prices (the price is the price of the parts it is made out of in crafting)
DYNAMIC_RECIPE_PRICE_MODIFIER = 1.05 //modifier to adjust dynamic price
MAKE_HOMBASE_ATTACKABLE_ON_FP_DEFICIT = true //Home bases become attackable if a faction's Faction Points are in the minus and the faction doesn't own any territory
PLANET_SPECIAL_REGION_PROBABILITY = 240 //one out of thisValue chance of a special region spawning per planet plate (cities, pyramids, etc) (changing this value migth change some plates, but won't change any plates that are already modified by a player)
NT_BLOCK_QUEUE_SIZE = 1024 //How many blocks are sent per update. Huge placements will shot faster, but it will consume more bandwidth and is subject to spamming players
CHUNK_REQUEST_THREAD_POOL_SIZE_TOTAL = 10 //Thead pool size for chunk requests (from disk and generated) CHUNK_REQUEST_THREAD_POOL_SIZE_CPU = 2 //Available threads of total for CPU generation. WARNING: too high can cause cpu spikes. About the amount of available cores minus one is best
BUY_BLUEPRINTS_WITH_CREDITS = false //buy blueprints directly with credits
SHOP_USE_STATIC_SELL_BUY_PRICES = false //shop buy and sell price change depending on stock (shop prices will always stay the same if true)
SHOP_SELL_BUY_PRICES_UPPER_LIMIT = 1.2 //maximum of base price a shop will want depending on its stock (e.g. max 120 credits if the normal cost is 100)
SHOP_SELL_BUY_PRICES_LOWER_LIMIT = 0.8 //minimum of base price a shop will want depending on its stock (e.g. max 80 credits if the normal cost is 100)
MINING_BONUS = 1 //general multiplier on all mining
MAX_LOGIC_SIGNAL_QUEUE_PER_OBJECT = 250000 //max logic trace queue allowed
MAX_COORDINATE_BOOKMARKS = 20 //coordinate bookmarks per player allowed
ALLOWED_STATIONS_PER_SECTOR = 1 //How many stations are allowed per sector
STATION_CREDIT_COST = 50000 //how much does a station or station blueprint cost
SKIN_SERVER_UPLOAD_BLOCK_SIZE = 256 //how fast should skins be transferred from server to clients (too high might cause lag) [default 256 ~ 16kb/s]
ALLOW_OLD_DOCKING_BEAM = false //enables old docking beam
WEIGHTED_CENTER_OF_MASS = true //if on, the center of mass for each structured will be calculated based on block mass. On 'false', the center of mass is always the core position
SECURE_UPLINK_ENABLED = false //dedicated servers can be registered on the StarMade registry
SECURE_UPLINK_TOKEN = //uplink token, provided when registering a dedicated server
USE_STRUCTURE_HP = true //ships and other structures use the hitpoint system. if off, a ship will overheat when the core gets taken out (old)
SHOP_REBOOT_COST_PER_SECOND = 100.0 //Cost to reboot a ship at a shop (per second it would take to reboot in space)
SHOP_ARMOR_REPAIR_COST_PER_HITPOINT = 1.0 //Cost to repair a ship's armor at a shop
MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_EXPLOSIONS = 10 //the more the faster explosions at the same time are executed (costs in total about 20MB RAM each and of course CPU because it's all threaded) (10 is default for a medium powered singleplayer)
REMOVE_ENTITIES_WITH_INCONSISTENT_BLOCKS = false //This will remove ships that have blocks that are normally disallowed (e.g. space station blocks on ships)
OVERRIDE_INVALID_BLUEPRINT_TYPE = true //If a loaded blueprint is invalid, it's type will be overridden
FACTION_FOUNDER_KICKABLE_AFTER_DAYS_INACTIVITY = 30 //Days of inactivity after which a founder may kick another founder
DEBUG_BEAM_POWER_CONSUMPTION = false //server will send notifications on power consumed (not counting power given from supply) on server (costs performance, so only use for debugging)
DEBUG_BEAM_TICKS_DONE = false //server will send notifications on ticks done on server (costs performance, so only use for debugging)
DEBUG_BEAM_POWER_PER_TICK = false //server will send notifications on beam power per tick on server (costs performance, so only use for debugging)
DEBUG_MISSILE_POWER_CONSUMPTION = false //server will send notifications on missiles on server (costs performance, so only use for debugging)
BLUEPRINT_SPAWNABLE_SHIPS = true //enables or disables blueprint spawning from item
BLUEPRINT_SPAWNABLE_STATIONS = true //enables or disables blueprint spawning from item
USE_OLD_GENERATED_PIRATE_STATIONS = false //enables spawning of old style pirate stations
CARGO_BLEED_AT_OVER_CAPACITY = false //cargo is ejected every minute if storage is at over capacity
ALLOW_PERSONAL_INVENTORY_OVER_CAPACITY = false //Personal Inventory can go over capacity
ONLY_ALLOW_FACTION_SHIPS_ADDED_TO_FLEET = false //only allows faction ships to be added to fleet
MAX_CHAIN_DOCKING = 25 //maximal deepness of docking chains (may cause glitches depending on OS (path and filename length) at high numbers)
SHOP_RAILS_ON_ADV = true //Advanced shops will have 4 rails dockers that can be used like a neutral homebase (anything docked is safe)
SHOP_RAILS_ON_NORMAL = false //Normal shops will have 4 rails dockers that can be used like a neutral homebase (anything docked is safe)
ALLOW_FLEET_FORMATION = true //Allows fleet formation
BACKUP_WORLD_ON_MIGRATION = true //Back up world when migrating to a new file format
BACKUP_BLUEPRINTS_ON_MIGRATION = true //Back up blueprints when migrating to a new file format
DISPLAY_GROUPING_DEBUG_INFORMATION = false //Displays grouping calculation information
SECTORS_TO_EXPLORE_FOR_SYS = 15 //How many sectors of a system have to be explored
NPC_FACTION_SPAWN_LIMIT = -1 //Maximum npc factions per galaxy (-1 for unlimited (will still be around 2-10))
NPC_DEBUG_MODE = false //Sends complete NPC faction package to clients (very bandwith intensive)
FLEET_OUT_OF_SECTOR_MOVEMENT = 6000 //How long for an unloaded fleet to cross a sector in ms
NPC_LOADED_SHIP_MAX_SPEED_MULT = 0.7 //How fast NPC fleet ships are compared to their max speed when loaded
USE_FOW = true //Use 'fog of war'. Turning this off will make everything visible to everyone
NPC_LOG_MODE = 0 //use 0 for npc file logs [/logs/npc/] and 1 for normal log output
NPC_DEBUG_SHOP_OWNERS = //Additional shop owners for npc faction shops (case insensitive, seperate with comma)
SQL_PERMISSION = //user name allowed to sql query remotely (direct console always allowed /sql_query, /sql_update, /sql_insert_return_generated_keys) (case insensitive, seperate with comma)