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Using Templates

You can find documentation of a template by searching


where NAME is the name of template.

You can find documentation for some key templates here:

Making or Modifying Templates

Ask for wiki admin permission on the forum before modifying templates, as some are included by many important pages. If you have suggestions on templates or wiki form you can submit your thoughts to the forum or by contacting wiki admins.

You can find Documentation of database system here.

A basic explanation of how MediaWiki editing works and how it is used can be found here.

Page Translation

To translate a page of the wiki, create a new page with the two-letter L10N locale code of the language you are translating to, e.g. "de" for German.

Current languages are: English (en), French (fr), German (de), Spanish (es), and Russian (ru).

Examples for French: >>> >>>

Examples for Russian: >>> >>>