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ib allow to get specific information of a block in database.


or {{ib|Name|type}} 
or {{ib|Name|image|size(optional)}}

display an older version :
{{ib|~version|Name|type)}} (don't forget the "~" before the verrsion number)
ie : {{ib|~0.200.335|Teal Crystal Armor|Armor}}

'''Version :''' (optional) use "~" and the number of version (stored in database) ie : ~0.200.335
'''Name :''' In game block name
'''type :''' the value you query (Hp, armor, name, etc...)

No type return a link + icon of the block name

ie : for the block Ship Core if i use ib that display Ship Core.pngShip Core if i dont put any type

type return the value of block name

Ship core have 100hp, value of armor is Noand light color : 1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0

image size(optional) : number in pixel

...|image|40}}   = Ship Core.png               and without number, original       ....|image}}   = {{{3}}}px

badtype return a list of all type available

i. e : Unknow Badtype : link, Id, Factory, Animated, Armor, Ahp, Shp, Transparency, InShop, ReactorHp, Mass, Hp, Heat, Kinetic,EM, cat, cat2, cat3, cat4, Placable, BlockStyle, Light, Depreciated, LightColor, Item(table), CtrlBy(table), Ctrling(table), Shop(InShop+Price), Price, Desc, BlockResourceType, FactoryBakeTime, Chamber(table), Volume, InRecipe, MainCtrl, SupportCtrl, EffectCtrl, ExpAbsorb