Activation Gate Controller

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Activation Gate Controller
Activation Gate Controller.png
Hit Points15
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)685

Mass: 0.1 System-HP for Structure: 0 Block-HP: 15 Block-Armor: <?> Activation Gates are capable of detecting an entity passing through it's Gate structure, sending a True signal to any Logic block linked to the Controller.. The gate must be a solid, 1 block deep ring structure linked to a Activation Gate controller. To link your Activation Gate Controller to the Activation Gate Module structure, press C on the Controller, then V on the individual modules, or alternatively Shift + V to mass select grouped modules.


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Alloyed Metal Mesh
Alloyed Metal Mesh.png Activation Gate Controller
Activation Gate Controller.png
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite.png