Astrotech Computer

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Astrotech Computer
Astrotech Computer.png
TypeAstrotech Computer
Hit Points50
Armor HP0
Structure HP75
Data Value (ID)39

Astrotech Computers are the main terminals of Astrotech repair systems. Astrotech systems fire beams similar to damage beams but instead of inflicting damage they repair it.

Effects cannot be linked to this system, nor can another support system be slaved to it. All weapons systems however can be slaved to it in order to change its firing properties. The changes via slaving a weapon computer are identical to that of Damage Beams.

Item Description

"The Astrotech Computer is required for creating functioning Repair systems. It is capable of controlling any amount of Astrotech Modules, although using multiple groups leads to escalating power costs. Once placed, you can select/deselect it with C, and link Astrotech Modules using V while it is selected and you are looking at an Astrotech Module. This controller can be connected to other weapons and systems (cannon, beam, damage pulse, missile) to customize your weapon.

To link your Controller to its Modules, press C on the Controller, then X on the individual modules, or alternatively Shift + $CONNECT_MODULE to mass select grouped modules.

Afterwards you can link it to another weapon by connecting the weapon controller you want to upgrade with the weapon controller you just made. You can do this manually with $SELECT_MODULE and $CONNECT_MODULE or in the Weapons Menu.

Note that for the full effect, you need to connect 1:1 in size.

Press R to get in/out of the Computer."


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Sapsun Capsule
Sapsun Capsule.png Astrotech Computer
Astrotech Computer.png
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite.png


Main article: Support Tool Systems
Weapon Stats
Stat Value Per Module Value
Repair (Per Tick/Per Second) Increases +60/+120
Tick Rate (Per Second) - 0.5
Burst Time (In Seconds) - 2.5
Reload (In Seconds) - 5.0
Shots (Per Activation) - 1
Range (In Sector Lengths) - 0.12
Power Consumption (Per Tick/Per Activation) Increases +240.0/+1200.0
Primary Module
Astrotech Module
Astrotech Module.png
Primary Fire
Left Click Focus Fire
Right Click Unfocused Fire
Block Repair Beam
Unique Property
Repairs damaged blocks



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