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Bug Reporting

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If you encounter a bug or exploit while playing the game please feel free to report it to our testing team at http://phab.starma.de/. You will need to create a Phabricator account in order to report a bug.

StarMade Dock Support

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StarMade support may be found at https://starmade.freshdesk.com/support/home, or by going to the http://star-made.org homepage and clicking the Help link at the top. Here you can find various Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for common problems with the game's launcher and game troubleshooting.

In addition, there is a forum section dedicated to reporting issues. It may be found here: http://starmadedock.net/forums/gamesupport/. Here you can illicit more immediate and hands on help from the Starmade community for any technical problems you may encounter while playing the game. Please keep in mind that this forum is only for technical problems. Comments, suggestions and ideas for improving the game should be posted in the "Suggestion" Forum.