Gravity Unit

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Gravity Unit
Gravity Unit.png
Hit Points25
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)56

Gravity Units are essential system module that when activated will force gravity onto any astronaut that activates it. Can be oriented to enable gravity in different directions. Through the use of logic it can also be activated remotely to an extent.

Item Description

"The Gravity Unit, once placed and activated, can be used to simulate a simple field of gravity around an astronaut. Most common uses include on the interiors of ships and space stations. Press R to Activate/Deactivate."


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Nocx Capsule
Nocx Capsule.png Gravity Unit
Gravity Unit.png
Alloyed Metal Mesh
Alloyed Metal Mesh.png


Main article: Gravity

Place on an entity and press R to enable/disable gravity.

Gravity Units are as ubiquitous as Ship Cores as they are quite important to the player's interaction with a ship or station. By default players are not effected by gravity when they are in Astronaut Mode unless an outside force acts upon them. Planets and Wormholes have natural gravity and will affect players accordingly. Gravity Units are the game's means of bestowing artificial gravity to players on any entity they please. While they are not necessary to allow a ship to function they become increasingly more important the larger your ship becomes. Most Space borne structures make use of gravity units to allow a sense of immersion that isn't possible within Zero-G. While in gravity you will no longer have full 3-dimensional movement and will instead have access to some new movement abilities, Jumping (Space) key among them.

Gravity Units can be placed and used on any entity with only planets having somewhat unique rules regarding them. Pressing R on it will both align you to the entity and force gravity on you based on the direction of the Gravity Unit. By default the the direction is "Down". By using Advanced Build Mode you will be able to change the direction that you will fall when activating a gravity unit. To be more exact the direction of gravity can be discerned by the red face of the texture in the Advanced Build Mode window. Gravity can be aligned to all six cardinal directions.

The range of the entity's gravity well is based on its dimensions. Increasing the size of an entity in any direction will increase its gravity well in that direction. For example: placing a single block 1000 spaces below your ship increases your ships gravity well 1,000 spaces. Pressing R on the gravity unit again or "Falling" out of the entities bounding box will automatically disable gravity for you and return you to the standard galactic alignment. This change can be quite disorienting if you are on a ship as if the ship is not properly aligned to galactic north (C in Flight Mode) you will be placed at an awkward angle.

Through the use of logic it is possible to enable gravity without touching the gravity unit itself. By simply connecting the gravity unit to any logic block and sending a high signal (ON signal) will activate gravity for you. However there are some restrictions to this. Only first string connections will activate the gravity unit. The uses for gravity units with logic is to use Trigger (Area) Controllers and Trigger (Area)s to create automatic gravitational alignment.