Reactor Stabilizer

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Reactor Stabilizer
Reactor Stabilizer.png
Hit Points100
Data Value (ID)1009

Item Description

Increases the Stabilization rating of your active Reactor. This block loses efficiency the closer it gets to the Active reactor. Each Reactor size (level) has an optimal distance where the efficiency of your stabilization reaches a maximum value.

If your Stabilization is too low, you will have reduced power generation. The Reactor and its Chambers are also highly reactive unless you have 100% or more Stabilization. Upon taking damage, your Reactor components will take additional damage from internal explosions.

It's advised to have more than 100% Stabilization to avoid taking extra damage when in combat.


Production Info
Produced in a Basic Factory Basic Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite.png Reactor Stabilizer
Reactor Stabilizer.png


Stabilizers exist solely to reduce the vulnerability of reactors by providing stability to a linked reactor. A large reactor without stabilizers is easily destroyed and is often not able to realize its true power generation potential even during standard operation.

Stabilizers are affected by an effectiveness percentage that determines how much they contribute to a reactor's total stability. The reactor's total stability is not a direct function of this percentage, but rather a total of all the stabilizer blocks affecting it, based on their individual effectiveness percentage.

The effectiveness of an individual stabilizer block is highly dependent upon its distance from its reactor. Multiple groups of stabilizers can be built to improve the stability of a single reactor, so it is not necessary to place all stabilizers at a distance that gives them 100% effectiveness per block. It is also not necessary for a reactor to have 100% total stability.

Stabilizers are automatically connected to the reactor they support by stabilizer streams.

Stabilizer Streams

Stabilizer streams appear automatically between stabilizer groups and the reactor they support. These streams are vulnerable to hostile fire, and a hit to a reactor stream may cause some power loss.