Tai Coromandel

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Tai Coromandel
Tai Coromandel.png
NameTai Coromandel
PositionChief Operating Officer
NationalityNew Zealand
Known forCreating StarMade Dock and StarMade Wiki

Tai Coromandel is the General Manager of Schine GmbH. Tai joined Schine in September 2013 as a business developer and community manager, later on he took the position of General Manager in early 2014.

Starting out as the forum lead for the official StarMade forums, StarMade Dock, Tai became increasingly involved in the management of StarMade's external projects and team. Eventually, officially working with Robin Promesberger as a business developer. A few months later, Tai left Realms, the company he created to run the StarMade wiki and forum, assuming the role of General Manager for Schine. In March 2016, Tai became Chief Operating Officer after Miles Smith's departure.