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No request to Db

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Database of blocks is transformed from game datafiles. Two file (Main and Sub) are generated to reduce case by blocks.

structure : Template:Db/Version/0.xxx.xxx/file

file are Main and Sub

DbParser rename unwanted type, handle image options and send to Db or DbSub parsing the request type.

Db and DbSub request the page (Main and Sub) who have data and ask to Version wich version (folder ) go to. 2 template are created to avoid loops when ask for table on sub, who request data of main. So, for developpement of tempaltes, it's better to directly query Db or DbSub isntead of DbParser to avoid loops if table of Sub data are used.

Version return LastVersion or the version ask.

Db/LastVersion store the default version.

'"Main"' and '"Sub"' are stored in 0.xxx.xxx and divise data of each blocks to light process and allow loop request when requesting a table.