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This template is used to display the default keybinding for specific functions in-game. Controls are listed in the same order they appear in the game's menu, for ease of maintenance. Essential but unlisted controls are listed first.


Parameter 1

  • 1, key: Selects the function to display the keybinding of. Options:


  • Place block: Left Click
  • Attack: Left Click
  • Break block: Right Click
  • Make output: R
  • Copy: Left Control + C
  • Paste: Left Control + V

General Controls

  • Radial menu: Tab
  • Player list: F1
  • Drop item: Backspace
  • Record GIF: Pause
  • Network statistics: F12
  • Lag statistics: F7
  • Auto-rotation camera: Backslash
  • Scroll zoom: Left Shift + Mouse Wheel
  • Free camera: Right Shift
  • Tutorial screen: F8
  • Help screen: Forward Slash
  • Chat: Enter/Return
  • Shop menu: B
  • Fast switch inventory: Left Shift
  • Inventory menu: I
  • Weapon menu: G
  • Navigation menu: N
  • AI menu: Semicolon
  • Catalog menu: U
  • Select next entity: ]
  • Select previous entity: [
  • Select nearest entity: Apostrophe
  • Select targeted entity: F
  • Zoom minimap: =
  • Release mouse: F2
  • Screenshot with GUI: F5
  • Screenshot without GUI: F6
  • Faction menu: H
  • Map: M
  • Structure menu: Delete
  • Show leaderboard: Period
  • Fleet menu: K
  • Accept trade request: J
  • Decline trade request: L

Controls of Character in Gravity

  • Jump: Space

Controls of Character in Space

  • Strafe left: A
  • Strafe right: D
  • Forwards: W
  • Backwards: S
  • Strafe up: E
  • Strafe down: Q
  • Align: Space
  • Walk: Left Shift
  • Activate module: R
  • Crew control: Left Control
  • Stuck protect: Up
  • Sit: T
  • Spawn ship: X
  • Spawn station: P
  • Block rotate: Left Control

Ship General Controls

  • Change ship mode: Z
  • Reboot: Y
  • Exit ship: R

Ship Flight Mode Controls

  • Strafe left: A
  • Strafe right: D
  • Forwards: W
  • Backwards: S
  • Ship strafe up: Space
  • Ship strafe down: Left Control
  • Rotate left: Q
  • Rotate right: E
  • Weapon bar switch: Left Alt
  • Brake: Left Shift
  • Roll ship: Left Alt
  • Next docking ship: Up
  • Previous docking ship: Down
  • Switch chain modifier: Right Control This is a modifier key used with the two above controls to switch docking chains; how best to express this is uncertain.
  • Next camera: Right
  • Previous camera: Left
  • Align ship: C
  • Cancel ship movement: V

Ship Build Mode Controls

  • Jump to module: X
  • Select module: C
  • Connect module: Left Shift + V
  • Select next controller: Right
  • Select previous controller: Left
  • Select core: Up
  • Advanced build mode: Left Control
  • Build mode speed: Left Shift
  • Copy area next rotation: Page Up
  • Copy area prior rotation: Page Down
  • Copy area X rotation: Left Shift
  • Copy area Z rotation: Left Control

Parameter 2

  • 2, name: If enabled, will display the function you entered (case sensitive). Useful for keybinding lists.