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Crimson-Artist (talkcontribs)

Hey thanks for helping out with the wiki, so very few do. I'd like to point out a some things to help you make edits to block pages. While I'd love to make edits to the template pages for infoboxes for each page we have a automated bot that will do that for us so editing it directly is not necessary. We actually have bots that will maintain and update certain block stats like structure HP and production recipes.

also the text at the top of most pages is actually the blocks item description in game. It should be merely sectioned off and not removed entirely. You can make quick and too the point descriptions of a block as its header at the top of the page while more detailed usage information should be regulated to the usage section. Heres an example of this page format, Thruster Module.

If you have any questions about edits like making tables and other formatting tricks please send me a message. ~~~~

Oligo (talkcontribs)

Thanks a lot for explaining why you partially reverted some changes I made, especially on the Shield Capacitor page. In that page I wanted to fix some typo in the text.

As I understand: for block templates and maybe for "Item Description" sections, you have a bot that pushes your internal data to the wiki. I think it is a very good idea that in-game description and wiki are always in sync.

For such auto-generated parts in the wiki, I would suggest to add an invisible comment like:

<!-- This part is auto-generated by a bot. Do not edit. --> block template or description <!-- End of auto-generated block. -->

This comment would only be visible when editing the page. The idea is to avoid people make changes and be later overwritten by bot. Because currently, as it is a community wiki, it is very tempting to make small edits, fix typos, add links and all. I don't know what solution could be found to manage both automated edits and manual edits... Oligo (talk) 07:15, 14 September 2016 (NZST)

Crimson-Artist (talkcontribs)

indeed. right now the bot manages just the block stats and the production as well as new block page creation. everything else can be edited by users. Its just i'd like to keep some uniformity of style with certain pages like the block pages for instance. Since this is a encyclopedia I prefer to add information rather than remove, unless its replaced with something that better clarifies or more succinctly explains the thing. in the case of item descriptions I prefer that they be preserved even if they have a lot of spelling errors and such( a problem that i've been working to remedy in a matter of speaking). Although adding links, control keys, and text formatting where appropriate is much appreciated.

I'll have a talk with DukeofRealms (hes the boss around here) about making some changes to the bot. thank you for understanding and sorry if I frustrated you in any way. was just trying to keep things tidy.