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Hit Points10
Reactor Hit Points0
Luminosity(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
Data Value (ID)62

Beacons are special light blocks that not only illuminate the surrounding area but also emit a large light plum that can be seen from long distances. Can be remotely toggled on or off with logic.

Item Description

"The Beacon provides an easily seen flare of brightness."


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Glass.png Beacon
Parseen Circuit
Parseen Circuit.png


Press R to manually toggle on and off.

Once placed, Beacons will immediately light up the surrounding area. Roughly 5 block lengths in each directions. However unlike the other light blocks beacons emit a powerfully bright light plum. This light plum is so bright that it can obscure sight of any block within 2-3 meters of the Beacon. This plum is the Beacons primary usage as it can be seen nearly the max draw distance the game allows. It makes for great decoration on any entity. Lastly by connecting a Beacon to any Weapon Systems it will change the color of the weapons projectile to white (This is only advised in the case of Damage Beam and Damage Pulse systems as their default color is not white).

Like other light blocks, Beacons can be toggled on or off using Logic Signals.

Additional ShapesAdditional Shapes.png

This block can be molded in to more than one shape. Players can change the currently selected shape by scrolling through their hot bar and selecting the "Additional Shapes" symbol. Selecting the symbol will then bring up a radial menu of the block with every available shape. Players can customize which shapes they have quick access too by pressing Right Click on the desired shape in the radial menu.


BeaconBeacon.pngBlack LightBlack Light.pngBlue LightBlue Light.pngGreen LightGreen Light.pngOrange LightOrange Light.pngPink LightPink Light.pngPurple LightPurple Light.pngRed LightRed Light.pngTeal LightTeal Light.pngWhite LightWhite Light.pngYellow LightYellow Light.png