Grey Hull

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Grey Hull
Grey Hull.png
Hit Points75
Data Value (ID)598

Grey Hulls are lightly armored blocks of star ship hull plating. They act as the first tier in armored defense and sacrifice defense for maneuverability. While low on survivability a layer of basic hull is much better then exposing vital system blocks to enemy fire. Grey hulls in particular are the basis for the entire armor crafting line and must be crafted first in order to create any other armor block.

Item Description

"Although unarmored and with average health, factories can quickly and easily create Hull by processing a small amount of basic materials."


Production Info
Produced in a Basic Factory Basic Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Alloyed Metal Mesh
Alloyed Metal Mesh.png Grey Hull
Grey Hull.png
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite.png
Fertikeen Capsule
Fertikeen Capsule.png


This element is used in the production of:
Factory Creates Amount used
Basic Factory.png
Basic Factory
Yellow Hull Yellow Hull.png x1
Orange Hull Orange Hull.png x1
Green Hull Green Hull.png x1
Pink Hull Pink Hull.png x1
Brown Hull Brown Hull.png x1
Black Hull Black Hull.png x1
White Hull White Hull.png x1
Blue Hull Blue Hull.png x1
Red Hull Red Hull.png x1
Purple Hull Purple Hull.png x1
Teal Hull Teal Hull.png x1
Standard Factory.png
Standard Factory
Grey Standard Armor Grey Standard Armor.png x1

Additional ShapesAdditional Shapes.png

This block can be molded in to more than one shape. Players can change the currently selected shape by scrolling through their hot bar and selecting the "Additional Shapes" symbol. Selecting the symbol will then bring up a radial menu of the block with every available shape. Players can customize which shapes they have quick access too by pressing Right Click on the desired shape in the radial menu.

Block Wedge Corner Tetra Hepta Slabs
Grey Hull.png Grey Hull Wedge.png Grey Hull Corner.png Grey Hull Tetra.png Grey Hull Hepta.png Additional Shapes.png


Grey Armor
Basic Standard Advanced
Grey Hull.png Grey Standard Armor.png Grey Advanced Armor.png
Basic Hull
Black Blue Brown Dark Grey Green Grey Orange Pink Purple Red Teal White Yellow Glass
Black Hull.png Blue Hull.png Brown Hull.png Dark Grey Hull.png Green Hull.png Grey Hull.png Orange Hull.png Pink Hull.png Purple Hull.png Red Hull.png Teal Hull.png White Hull.png Yellow Hull.png Glass.png
Black Hull Wedge.png Blue Hull Wedge.png Brown Hull Wedge.png Dark Grey Hull Wedge.png Green Hull Wedge.png Grey Hull Wedge.png Orange Hull Wedge.png Pink Hull Wedge.png Purple Hull Wedge.png Red Hull Wedge.png Teal Hull Wedge.png White Hull Wedge.png Yellow Hull Wedge.png Glass Wedge.png
Black Hull Corner.png Blue Hull Corner.png Brown Hull Corner.png Dark Grey Hull Corner.png Green Hull Corner.png Grey Hull Corner.png Orange Hull Corner.png Pink Hull Corner.png Purple Hull Corner.png Red Hull Corner.png Teal Hull Corner.png White Hull Corner.png Yellow Hull Corner.png Glass Corner.png
Black Hull Tetra.png Blue Hull Tetra.png Brown Hull Tetra.png Dark Grey Hull Tetra.png Green Hull Tetra.png Grey Hull Tetra.png Orange Hull Tetra.png Pink Hull Tetra.png Purple Hull Tetra.png Red Hull Tetra.png Teal Hull Tetra.png White Hull Tetra.png Yellow Hull Tetra.png Glass Tetra.png
Black Hull Hepta.png Blue Hull Hepta.png Brown Hull Hepta.png Dark Grey Hull Hepta.png Green Hull Hepta.png Grey Hull Hepta.png Orange Hull Hepta.png Pink Hull Hepta.png Purple Hull Hepta.png Red Hull Hepta.png Teal Hull Hepta.png White Hull Hepta.png Yellow Hull Hepta.png Glass Hepta.png