Grey Hull Corner

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Grey Hull Corner
Grey Hull Corner.png
TypeGrey Hull Corner
Hit Points75
Armor HP50
Structure HP5
Data Value (ID)600

Grey Hull Corners are lightly armored corners of star ship hull plating. They are created from Grey Hull and act as the first tier in armored defense, sacrificing defense for maneuverability. While low on survivability a layer of basic hull is much better then exposing vital system blocks to enemy fire. Corners can be oriented in: 24 Directions.

Item Description

"Although unarmored and with average health, factories can quickly and easily create Hull by processing a small amount of basic materials."


Production Info
Produced in a Basic Factory Basic Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Grey Hull
Grey Hull.png Grey Hull Corner
Grey Hull Corner.png


Grey Armor
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Standard Grey Standard ArmorGrey Standard Armor.png | Grey Standard Armor CornerGrey Standard Armor Corner.png | Grey Standard Armor HeptaGrey Standard Armor Hepta.png | Grey Standard Armor TetraGrey Standard Armor Tetra.png | Grey Standard Armor WedgeGrey Standard Armor Wedge.png
Advanced Grey Advanced ArmorGrey Advanced Armor.png | Grey Advanced Armor CornerGrey Advanced Armor Corner.png | Grey Advanced Armor HeptaGrey Advanced Armor Hepta.png | Grey Advanced Armor TetraGrey Advanced Armor Tetra.png | Grey Advanced Armor WedgeGrey Advanced Armor Wedge.png
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Brown Brown HullBrown Hull.png | Brown Hull CornerBrown Hull Corner.png | Brown Hull HeptaBrown Hull Hepta.png | Brown Hull TetraBrown Hull Tetra.png | Brown Hull WedgeBrown Hull Wedge.png
Dark Grey Dark Grey HullDark Grey Hull.png | Dark Grey Hull CornerDark Grey Hull Corner.png | Dark Grey Hull HeptaDark Grey Hull Hepta.png | Dark Grey Hull TetraDark Grey Hull Tetra.png | Dark Grey Hull WedgeDark Grey Hull Wedge.png
Green Green HullGreen Hull.png | Green Hull CornerGreen Hull Corner.png | Green Hull HeptaGreen Hull Hepta.png | Green Hull TetraGreen Hull Tetra.png | Green Hull WedgeGreen Hull Wedge.png
Orange Orange HullOrange Hull.png | Orange Hull CornerOrange Hull Corner.png | Orange Hull HeptaOrange Hull Hepta.png | Orange Hull TetraOrange Hull Tetra.png | Orange Hull WedgeOrange Hull Wedge.png
Pink Pink HullPink Hull.png | Pink Hull CornerPink Hull Corner.png | Pink Hull HeptaPink Hull Hepta.png | Pink Hull TetraPink Hull Tetra.png | Pink Hull WedgePink Hull Wedge.png
Purple Purple HullPurple Hull.png | Purple Hull CornerPurple Hull Corner.png | Purple Hull HeptaPurple Hull Hepta.png | Purple Hull TetraPurple Hull Tetra.png | Purple Hull WedgePurple Hull Wedge.png
Red Red HullRed Hull.png | Red Hull CornerRed Hull Corner.png | Red Hull HeptaRed Hull Hepta.png | Red Hull TetraRed Hull Tetra.png | Red Hull WedgeRed Hull Wedge.png
Teal Teal HullTeal Hull.png | Teal Hull CornerTeal Hull Corner.png | Teal Hull HeptaTeal Hull Hepta.png | Teal Hull TetraTeal Hull Tetra.png | Teal Hull WedgeTeal Hull Wedge.png
White White HullWhite Hull.png | White Hull CornerWhite Hull Corner.png | White Hull HeptaWhite Hull Hepta.png | White Hull TetraWhite Hull Tetra.png | White Hull WedgeWhite Hull Wedge.png
Yellow Yellow HullYellow Hull.png | Yellow Hull CornerYellow Hull Corner.png | Yellow Hull HeptaYellow Hull Hepta.png | Yellow Hull TetraYellow Hull Tetra.png | Yellow Hull WedgeYellow Hull Wedge.png
Glass GlassGlass.png | Glass CornerGlass Corner.png | Glass HeptaGlass Hepta.png | Glass TetraGlass Tetra.png | Glass WedgeGlass Wedge.png