Power Drain Module

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Power Drain Module
Power Drain Module.png
Hit Points100
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)333

Power Drain Modules are the emitter modules for Power Drain systems. Connecting at least one to its associated computer will activate the system. Place them alone to create a new firing array or with an existing group to enhance its power.

Item Description

"The Power Drain Module, when used in conjunction with a Power Drain Computer, can create a basic but effective power transfer system. The Power Drain Module fires a transfer beam in a straight line. Power Drain Modules do benefit from being grouped together (being adjacent to one another), increasing their transfer rate. You can also choose which block outputs the effect by finding the Power Drain Module you want to output the effect, and pressing R on it."


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Jisper Capsule
Jisper Capsule.png Power Drain Module
Power Drain Module.png
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite.png


Main article: Power Drain Computer
Primary Computer
Power Drain Computer
Power Drain Computer.png

This is a module type block and is designed to be connected to its associated computer. Modules are often used to create new arrays or enhance existing arrays by adding to the raw block count of the group. To connect simply place the block down on any entity and select its computer with C and press V on it. This will immediately activate the module allowing the desired system to utilize it or gain from its addition. The orientation of module block does not effect the firing direction of the system. The firing direction of a system is determined by the orientation of its main computer.

Players should take into account that every module that is added to a system also increases the energy usage of that system. Both combat and support systems give a unique power multiplier penalty for each new non contiguous array. While Effects only increase their power requirements with each block connected.

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