Scrap Composite

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Scrap Composite
Scrap Composite.png
Hit Points5
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)547

Scrap Composites are decaying fragments of crystalline circuits harvested from Derelict Stations. If enough are gathered then they can be reconstituted into Crystal Composite.

Item Description

"Obtained from salvaging derelict stations."


This element is used in the production of:

Factory Creates Amount used
Micro Assembler
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite
(Craft Generic Materials)
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite


Scrap Composites are a unique resource item that are only obtainable from the many abandoned space stations found through out the universe. When encountering a derelict space station it will be in a "Decayed" state. While in this state the station has several restrictions placed on it. The first being that it cannot be claimed unless the player pays a one time fee of credits which depends on the total value of every block that currently makes up the station. The second is that any attempts to harvest its blocks, whether through hand mining or using Salvage systems, will only yield Scrap. The type of scrap that is gained will be random, players will either get a unit of Scrap Alloy or Scrap Composite for every block salvaged.


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