Advanced Factory

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Advanced Factory
Advanced Factory.png
Hit Points100
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)259

Advanced Factories are the final tier of factory units in the crafting hierarchy. They are responsible for creating advanced system blocks such as Cloakers, BOBBY AI Modules, and Warp Gate Computers as well as all Effects system. By connecting the andvanced factory to a Storage Block, The factory will automatically pull resources needed from it. Factories cannot be placed on ships, but can be placed on planets, asteroids, and Space Stations. However, they do require a power output to become functional.

Item Description

"Manufactures advanced blocks from a variety of resources. Press R to Open/Close the Factory's Internal Inventory. (Used for placing the necessary materials for recipes.)"


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Alloyed Metal Mesh
Alloyed Metal Mesh.png Advanced Factory
Advanced Factory.png
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite.png


Primary Module Inventory Module
Factory Enhancer Cargo Space
Increases production amount by 1 Increases inventory space by 100 units
System Properties
Base Inventory Volume
100 Units
Production/Pull Tick Speed
(In Seconds)
No Recipe Selected 10.0
Recipe Selected 5.0
Power Consumption
(Per Production Tick, While Turned On)
Base Consumption 500.0
Per Factory Enhancer +500.0


Crafting Recipes



Advanced FactoryAdvanced Factory.pngBasic FactoryBasic Factory.pngCapsule RefineryCapsule Refinery.pngFactory EnhancerFactory Enhancer.pngMicro AssemblerMicro Assembler.pngStandard FactoryStandard Factory.png
Basic Alloyed Metal MeshAlloyed Metal Mesh.pngCrystal CompositeCrystal Composite.pngScrap AlloyScrap Alloy.pngScrap CompositeScrap Composite.png
Paint Black PaintBlack Paint.pngBlue PaintBlue Paint.pngBrown PaintBrown Paint.pngGreen PaintGreen Paint.pngOrange PaintOrange Paint.pngPurple PaintPurple Paint.pngRed PaintRed Paint.pngWhite PaintWhite Paint.pngYellow PaintYellow Paint.png
Hardeners Advanced HardenerAdvanced Hardener.pngStandard HardenerStandard Hardener.png