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Hit Points50
Data Value (ID)22

The Cloaker is a block which, when activated, causes the ship it is on to become invisible for as long as there is sufficient power to operate it. It is often used in combination with a RadarJammer in order to create a completely undetectable ship.

Item Description

The Cloaker is capable of rendering anobject completely invisible for a period of time. Larger objects will need a larger amount of power to remain cloaked. To use, you must assign them to a keylike other ship systems.


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Nocx Capsule
Nocx Capsule.png Cloaker
Macet Capsule
Macet Capsule.png


As with weapon computers, the Cloaker can be assigned to a hotbar slot by opening the weapons menu, G, and dragging and dropping its icon into the desired hotbar slot. From there, it can be activated in the same way as any other active module, by selecting it in the hotbar and pressing Left Click. It will remain active until it runs out of power, or is deactivated by pressing Left Click again. It will also automatically deactivate whenever a weapon or support system is activated.

The power usage of a Cloaker is dependent on the size of the ship. Operating a Cloaker costs 1,450 e/sec per unit of mass cloaked, including the mass of all docked entities. Regardless of ship size, only a singular Cloaker block is required to successfully cloak, as long as there is sufficient power.


A Cloaker, when deactivated, cannot be turned on again for a period defined by the cause of its deactivation. These reactivation delays are listed in the table below, with brief definitions for each condition listed prior:

  • Turned Off: When the Cloaker is turned off by the player piloting the cloaked ship.
  • Action Taken: When the cloaked ship performs any of the actions listed below:
    • Firing any weapon system.
    • Activating any support tool system.
    • Activating the Ship Core in the hotbar (fires a "Core Beam" which can open doors).
    • Using a Scanner (This is uncertain, since a cloaked ship using a Scanner will trigger the Scanned condition, which has a longer delay than the penalty for taking an action).
  • Actions which do not trigger the Action Taken condition:
  • Power Failure: When the cloaked ship runs out of power to sustain the cloak.
  • Ship Hit: When the cloaked ship takes any damage (excluding to shields).
  • Scanned: When a ship in the same sector as the cloaked ship activates a Scanner. If the cloaked ship activates a Scanner, this will cause it to de-cloak itself.

Cloak Reactivation Delays
Cause Delay (seconds)
Turned Off 1
Action Taken 6
Power Failure 6
Ship Hit 10
Scanned 30


  • The Cloaker, while a useful device on its own, does not prevent a ship from appearing in a player's HUD and being targetable (by AI and players alike), and should, therefore, be used in combination with a RadarJammer to completely prevent detection.
  • Ships which utilize a Cloaker generally rely on highly efficient Power Reactor Module setups, and tend to be very fragile, as the power costs involved discourage the placement of superfluous blocks. Hull or armor is often lacking entirely, and shielding tends to be significantly weaker than what a non-Cloaker-using ship of identical mass might be equipped with.