Scanner Computer

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Scanner Computer
Scanner Computer.png
Hit Points50
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)654

The Scanner system provides a variety of exploratory functions, such as tracking players, detecting stealth vessels (at short range only), and exploring unexplored systems.

Item Description

Antennas reduce the time needed to scan. The value is determined by the longest touching group dimension (either X, Y, or Z) versus the longest dimension of the structure it is placed on.


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Hattel Capsule
Hattel Capsule.png Scanner Computer
Scanner Computer.png
Threns Capsule
Threns Capsule.png


Primary Module
Scanner Antenna
Scanner Antenna.png
Primary Fire
Left Click/Right Click
Initiate Scan
(Once fully charged)

Scanners, as with many systems, consist of a computer linked to one or more modules. in this case, the modules in question are Scanner Antennas. Unlike most other systems, a ship may have only one Scanner Computer on it.

A scanner, when not fully charged, will charge automatically at a constant rate per second (this does not require player input). When charged, it is activated by pressing Right Click. After activation, there will be a brief delay before it begins recharging once again.

The time which it takes a scanner to recharge is dependent on a couple of factors: the number of Scanner Modules linked to the Scanner Computer, and the total number of blocks in the entity which the scanner is on. Scanners do not have any grouping bonus; physically separate blocks cause the same decrease in charge time as those placed adjacent to each other. Note that the item's description is outdated, and the dimension-based bonuses it claims no longer exist. The precise formulas affecting charge time and power consumption for a given Scanner are listed in the Scanner Rules section below.

Scanning an unexplored system (displayed as "UNEXPLORED (scan or visit x/15 sectors)" when selected in the Galaxy Map, accessed by pressing M ) will reveal the location of everything within that system, such as stations, asteroid belts, and shops (these locations being previously hidden on the map, due to the Fog of War).

Player locations (and brief details of the entity they are in, should they be in one) are displayed in the Scan History list. This list is accessed by pressing N, and clicking "Scan History"; the bottom-right button in the cluster of 6 which is situated at the top of the Navigation Menu, under the heading "Navigation Options". This list displays information about the current system, and will list any players or player-controlled entities under the "Scanned Activity" field of a Scan History entry. Scan History is persistent, in that relaunching StarMade or logging out and back into a server does not clear it; the latest entries are listed at the top of the list.

The final function achieved by Scanners is the revealing of ships which are either cloaking or jamming. This will only occur if the stealth ship in question is in the same Sector as the ship which is scanning; otherwise, only the stealh ship's location will be revealed, and the scanning vessel must jump there and scan again in order to reveal the ship.

Scanner Rules

As well as the formulas governing power consumption, power required, and overall charge time (as derived from these two factors), scanners also have some simple rules governing the radius in which they scan for players (this does not change the effectiveness of scanning a system to explore it and clear the Fog of War).


Scan radius varies based on the ownership of the system which the scanning ship is in. The table below lists the different values for scan radius, with the conditions for each radius being clarified below:

  • Own Faction: The scan radius when in a system claimed by the faction which you are a member of.
  • Allied: Scan radius in a system claimed by a faction which yours is allied to.
  • Neutral: Scan radius in a system claimed by a faction which yours is neutral to, or in a system which has not been claimed by any faction.
  • Enemy: Scan radius in a system claimed by a faction which yours is at war with.
Scan Radius
Scan Radius
Own Faction Whole system
Allied 6
Neutral 4
Enemy 2


Charge Speed
Optimal Charge
(equal mass:module ratio)
Apx. 20 sec
Energy Consumption
Base Consumption 5,025 e/s
Per Additional Module +25 e/s