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Sectors are regions in space where all the game play in StarMade takes place.

A void sector that has been highlighted in the galaxy map.


Sectors are the smallest units of space in the universe. They are large cube shaped areas where Players can fly, build, fight, trade, etc. Each sector is roughly 5,000 meters (configurable) on a side. Every sector is organized into a grid format surrounded in all directions by other sectors. The game will always load the adjacent sectors around you allowing you to see whats in these sectors without moving into them.

Sectors are organized into 16x16x16 blocks called Systems. Systems are larger regions of space that are organized in a similar manner as sectors. They can contain things like Solar Systems, Wormholes, or nothing at all. While systems make up the game world most are devoid of life and activity. Any life that exists will most likely be found within the many Galaxies found throughout the universe.

Types of Sectors

There are a variety of different types of sectors that you will encounter while playing the game. Some may be useful while others can be quite dangerous. It will be up to the player to deal with the situations that these sectors present you with.


Void sectors are completely bereft of life and activity. These types of sectors make up most of the universe and often act as the in between space for other populated sectors. They are perfect for building space stations and ships without being disturbed. However, any nearby Pirate Stations will send ships to attack the player if they are nearby.

Space Station

Some times Space Stations will naturally spawn within sectors. These stations can be abandoned, a Trading Guild Shop, or a Pirate Station. You can see space station sectors on your universe map.


Planets take up their own unique sector and will only spawn within systems that have a star. The purple rings that can be seen around a star in the universe map usually indicates where a planet will spawn.

Asteroid Belt

Asteroids are hunks of rock that contain valuable resources. They typically spawn within their own sectors but have a chance of spawning within Space Station sectors. Asteroids have a high chance of spawning along the orange rings around stars in your universe map.


Stars are hot balls of plasma that occupy the center of any star system. They are very dangerous to approach as they will slowly burn away the hull and systems of a ship (even if said ship has shields). This area of effect damage even extends to all surrounding sectors. Note that the amount of damage the star does is determined by several factors, including the color of the star and how large the approaching ship is.