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Systems are greater collections of Sectors that make up the universe of StarMade.


The universe of StarMade is comprised mainly of Sectors however all sectors are a part of a system. Systems are comprised of a 16x16x16 cube of sectors and are organized in a 3-dimensional grid in the same manner as sectors are. Every system is designed to be visually distinct from one another by way of a procedural generated background. These backgrounds will will fade in or out as you approach the bordering sectors of a system. Unlike sectors, Systems can also be claimed by factions to provide a variety of benefits.

Much like the sectors that make them up all systems are numbered as to indicate their location in the game world. On default settings players will always start a game spawning in system 0,0,0. Each number representing X, Y, and Z respectively. In order to see the system you are in you will need to pull up your map.

Types of Systems


Void Systems are systems without an entity in its center. These systems can still have both void and Space Station sectors within them but not much else. Void systems make up the majority of systems in the universe as they spawn as either spacers between other systems in a galaxy or as dark space between galaxies.

Star System

Star Systems are system that have a Star in its center. Star systems, similar to their real world counterparts are the only places where Planets can be found. Asteroid Belts have a high chance of spawning as well for a reliable source of raw materials. These systems make up the bulk of the populated star systems in a Galaxy.


Wormhole systems are where the naturally occurring Warp Gates known as Wormholes are found. These systems are only found randomly throughout a galaxy and will interconnect to one another albeit one way. Every wormhole system has incredibly strong gravity and will pull ships and astronauts toward its center. Reaching the center will warp a ship to the next wormhole in the galactic wormhole chain.