Warp Gate

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A Warp Gate is a transport system which can connect two physically separate Space Stations, allowing ships to teleport between the two as long as the ships can fit within the physical boundaries of the gate, and the stations have enough power to support the mass being transported.

The term "Warp Gate" is technically applicable to each individual gate, but without another gate linked to it, a single gate has no function.

Each Warp Gate is composed of one Warp Gate Computer linked to a number of Warp Gate Modules. For a Warp Gate to function, the Warp Gate Modules must be arranged in a physically-contiguous ring, or other closed profile (eg. square, diamond, etc), with all of the modules aligned on the same plane. Any 2D shape which forms a closed profile is technically compatible; the only requirements are that all modules lie on the same plane, and that all modules touch exactly 2 other modules.

Warp Gates must be linked to each other using a Marker Beam. This is an Astronaut Tool used for inter-structure linking. To link a Warp Gate, follow the procedure below:

  1. Set a station as a target coordinate for the Marker Beam by holding Right Click until the message "Marked 'EntityName'" briefly displays on the targeted block.
  2. Travel to the second warp gate station.
  3. While aiming specifically at the Warp Gate Computer of this station, hold Left Click until the message "Entered 'EntityName' as destination." briefly displays on the targeted block.
    • The second warp gate station now has a link which will send entities back to the first station, but this only goes one way, so far. For the link to work both ways, continue this process:
  4. Set the second station as the target coordinate for the Marker Beam.
  5. Travel back to the first warp gate station. (Passing through the gate on the second station is likely the quickest way to do so)
  6. Hold Left Click while aiming at the first station's Warp Gate Computer.
    • Once the "Entered 'EntityName' as destination." message appears, the gate is successfully linked both ways.