Build Mode

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Build Mode

Build mode grants additional tools for building creations. While in a ship, press the Change Ship Mode key, Z, to switch between build mode and flight mode.

On a station, planet, or asteroid, a build block is required to access build mode. Use the Activate key, R, on a Build Block to enter build mode on these entities.

Advanced Build Mode

An additional menu can be accessed for advanced build options. Hold the Advanced Build Mode key, Left Control, to access this menu.

While holding the Advanced Build Mode key ,Left Control, the following features are available:

Advance Build Mode Features
Remove Mode Invert build area outline to show what would be removed with Right Click
Lighten Remove shading, giving blocks full brightness for better visibility.
Show Center of Mass Display intersecting lines indicating the center of mass. The ship turns/rotates around this point.
XYZ Sliders Adjust the size of the build area (for placing a larger volume of blocks at once)
Orientation Adjust the rotation of a block before placing.
Undo/Redo Undo or redo the last build or remove operation.
Load Load a previously saved template for pasting.
Copy Copy the selected blocks.
Paste Paste the previously copied/loaded blocks.
Save Save previously copied blocks as a template.
Create Docking Tool for automatically creating docked entities on existing rail blocks.
Symmetry Build Planes


Enable symmetric(mirrored) building on up to 3 planes.
Odd-sym Mode ON: Planes are centered on blocks. OFF: Planes are in between blocks.
Mirror Cubes Mirror block orientations across symmetry planes.
build helper Tool for making circles, ellipsoids(sphere, egg, etc), and torus shapes(doughnuts).
Remove/Replace filter Allows restricting removal/replacement of blocks to one specific type.
Pick aimed at Set the Remove/Replace filter to the block type being targeted.


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