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Credits are the currency of the Starmade universe. They are used to purchase a variety of goods and services from Shops.


Credits are the only currency available and is accepted at all Trading Guild and player owned shops. They are not subject to inflation or deflation, however the price of items can change depending on the current local demand for the product. Individual servers can set the base price of items which will effect the value of credits.

When players begin the game they will start with 50,000 credits to spend as they so choose. The most common use for Credits is to buy and sell materials from Shops. Typically, one will mine and sell ore in exchange for credits, then use the profits to buy manufactured goods. This method is considered more efficient than manufacturing in the measure of ore to product.

Purchasable Services
Service Price
Start a Space Station 1,000,000C
Hire Crew members 50,000C
Repair Ship Systems (Instant Reboot) 3,000C
Repair Armor 1C per Armor HP
Refurbish a Derelict Station (Price Varies)
Product (Purchasable only from Advanced Shops) Price
Laser Pistol 100,000C
Rocket Launcher 1,000,000C
Sniper Rifle 500,000C
Torch Beam 100,000C
Flashlight 3,000C
Transporter Beacon 100,000C
Healing Beam 100,000C
Power Supply Beam 5,000C
Marker Beam 100,000C
Grapple Beam 100,000C
Build Inhibitor 1,000,000C
Helmet 50,000C


  • While it is technically possible to build an empire without using any credits, it is much easier to utilize trading.
  • Currently there is no way to transfer money from player to another without directly dropping credits in space. Its is believed that the "Player Trade" option (As of Alpha 0.199.472 is not implemented yet) will solve this.


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