Propulsion Systems

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This page describes the various methods of getting a ship from one place to another. Includes:

Thruster Modules

Thruster Modules are the standard Propulsion System utilized by ships in StarMade, practically required on any ship greater than a couple of blocks in size. Although a core does provide a small amount of thrust, this small quantity of thrust quickly becomes negligible as ships increase in size and mass. Larger ship should be equipped with an adequate number of Thruster Modules in order to move swiftly.

Pressing R on a Thruster Module will open up the Thrust Management Menu, allowing you to allocate the percentage of thrust thats outputted in any given direction. Other options can also be activated/deactivated through this menu. Auto-Dampeners can be toggled on to automatically slow your ship down when you take your hands off any of the movement keys. You can also choose to inherit thrust from all docked entities allowing you to supplement the total thrust of your mother ship. This menu can also be accessed under the "Ship" Tab on the menu bar at the top of your HUD whenever you have a menu open.

Jump Drive

The Jump Drive system enables a ship to rapidly "jump" a distance of up to 16 sectors. This process is not instantaneous - a jump takes approximately 5 seconds to complete. The Jump Drive must also be charged for a certain time before it can be activated.

Every ship which has a reactor has a weak jump drive; However, to improve the jump drive Reactor FTL chambers are used. Leveling up an FTL Chamber improves an aspect of the jump drive (e.g. charge speed, power efficiency).

Combined with waypoint navigation, the Jump Drive is the usual way for advanced ships to get around in or between systems. With an average speed of more than one system per minute (depending on Charge Speed Chamber level and Jump Distance Chamber level) it excels the normal thrusters in terms of mid- to long-range flights.

Detailed information on the operation of a Jump Drive system, can be found on the Reactor FTL Chamber page.

Warp Gate

Main article: Warp Gate

Warp Gates are paired structures built in space as space stations (therefore fixed in position). When a ship enters one warp gate, it is teleported, or "warped", to the second warp gate. These warp gates must be within 128 sectors of each other. This equals a span of 8 systems.

Because of the fixed position, the main purpose of Warp Gates is the connection of certain sectors, for example the sectors claimed by one faction.

See Warp Gate Computer for more information.

Defensive Effects

Effects Systems, when unlinked to other systems, can provide defensive effects. In these cases, the effects are related to the movement of the ship. The Push Effect Computer and Pull Effect Computer, when used defensively, can provide a ship with short bursts of motion either forwards or backwards, respectively. The Stop Effect Computer will reduce the effect of a planet's gravity on a ship when it is active. The Overdrive Effect Computer increases a ship's maximum speed when active.

For information on the usage of these effects, see the Effects page.


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