Warp Gate Computer

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Warp Gate Computer
Warp Gate Computer.png
Hit Points50
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)542

Mass: 0.1 System-HP for Structure: 0 Block-HP: 50 Block-Armor: <?> Warp Gates are a stationary structure that enables players to travel vast distances instantly. Their range is 8 systems (128 sectors). They have a permanent power cost based on their gate size and additionally a one time power cost per ship which passes through the gate. This cost is calculated on the mass of the warping ship. Warp Gates are constructed from a 1 block deep ring structure created from Warp Gate Modules. This must then be connected to a Warp Gate Computer. Press C on the computer, then V on the modules to link the two. Alternatively use Shift + V to mass link grouped modules. After creating both the entry and exit gates at your target departure and destination structures, you must link the two with the Marker Beam. This handheld Support Tool is sold by Trade Guild vendors. Equipping the Marker Beam and Right Clicking on a Warp Gate Computer will “Mark” the departure structure. Left Clicking on the destination will pair the two and finalise the warp route.


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Macet Capsule
Macet Capsule.png Warp Gate Computer
Warp Gate Computer.png
Nocx Capsule
Nocx Capsule.png