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Shops are NPC owned Space Stations that players can visit to buy and sell blocks. This article is about naturally generated shops. For personal shops, see Shop Module.


Shops are automatically generated structures that spawn everywhere in the universe. They are used to buy and sell most if not all items in the game and appear as a Shop icon.png in the galaxy map. Shops are owned by the Trade Guild and will buy and sell every type of block, however its stock is random, and influenced by the blocks' rarity. Prices are not fixed and will vary between stations or change by the fact that you are buying or selling. See the list of all available items for more details on all available blocks and modules that are found at the shop.

Around the middle there are 4 Undeathinators, where you can set your spawn point to. It is also wise to keep your guns pointed away from the station at all times less you want to incur the wrath of the trading guild's fleet (3 shots will do the trick). Once all the station's blocks are destroyed, the station-marker disappears, meaning you can no longer use any of its services.

An advanced shop.


Shops are long tubes made of Grey Standard Armor. They also have 4 Rail Dockers around the middle.

Advanced Shops

The center of an advanced shop. Note the NPC Shop Keeper, the Trader, that spawns inside.

Advanced shops are more rare variants of normal shops. They spawn at a much lower rate compared to normal shops.

They also have the same icon as a normal shop in the Galaxy Map, which makes them hard to locate. An advanced shop will always spawn at (2, 2, 2), the default player spawn point.

Advanced shops will spawn a Trader inside, who can sell the player equipment and weapons. Please note that they will fight back upon provocation, but are peaceful otherwise.

Console Commands

For StarMade admins, the /shop_restock can be used to restock the selected shop, whether it be in singleplayer or multiplayer.


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