Shield Capacitor

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Shield Capacitor
Shield Capacitor.png
Hit Points75
Data Value (ID)3

Shield Capacitors increase the maximum Shield HP of the entity they are on. Without at least one Shield-Recharger on an entity, this shield HP pool will not be filled up, and the shields will not function.

Item Description

"The Shield Capacitor is capable of generating a shield around the object it is attached to. While it is not affected by the tradition(Adjacent) grouping mechanism, they are affected by the non-traditional (Non-adjacent) grouping mechanism. Meaning that two Shield Capacitors next to each other, and two that are apart but attached to the same object, will have the same storage capacity. Shield Capacitors are dependant on Shield-Rechargers to replenish the special energy they use to project their shields."


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Rammet Capsule
Rammet Capsule.png Shield Capacitor
Shield Capacitor.png
Sertise Capsule
Sertise Capsule.png


Shield Capacitors increase the maximum shield HP of an entity. All ships and stations (but not planets or asteroids) have a base shield capacity of 220 HP, which Shield Capacitors add to.

Shield Capacitors do not have any grouping rules which determine how they should be placed: two physically separate Shield Capacitors will have the same effect as two which are adjacent. Shield Capacitors suffer from a slight diminishing return on their increase to shield HP. The table below displays this, comparing the increase in shield HP, per block, at a number of different block counts (This table only examines the increase in shield HP per capacitor, and does not factor the base 220 HP into HP/block calculations)

Shield HP Increase
Shield Capacitors HP per block
1 110
10 104.981
100 99.943
1,000 95.265
10,000 90.805

Shield Capacitors and Rechargers have low block hitpoints, but also don't have a high Structure HP value; the HP pool that determines when a ship overheats. Because of this, and their lack of grouping rules, they are well suited to being placed directly below a ship's armor, as they have typically served their purpose to the fullest by the time a ship's armor is being penetrated. Their destruction also causes relatively little impact on a ship's SHP value (because of their low SHP contribution), compared to other system blocks such as Power Reactors.

Shield Capacitors only increase the maximum Shield HP pool (not to be confused with Structure HP, mentioned in the above paragraph), and shields will not function without at least one Shield-Recharger to fill this HP pool.


There are a number of formulas governing shields and their regeneration, as well as power consumption.