Threns Ore Raw

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Threns Ore Raw
Threns Ore Raw.png
Hit Points100
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)488

Threns Ore Raws are naturally occurring Ores that can be are used in the construction of various technology. They are the base form of the Threns ore production line. This block, unlike most others, cannot be placed and must be refined into Threns Capsules in order to be used.

Item Description

"Threns Ore has useful manufacturing properties if refined into a more readily usable state. Several technologies are based upon the use of these ores once refined."


Resource block overlay

This block spawns naturally in the universe and can be found on various objects found in space. As a mineable resource it won't spawn as its own block but rather inside of an already existing block. These blocks can be any terrain block as well as Asteroid minerals. Any block that contains this material will have a special texture overlay on all of its sides. Mining this block will give you both this material as well as the block it resided in.

Under special conditions you can acquire more than one of this resource from a single block. If you are mining using your fabricator (hand mining) then there is a small chance that you will gain bonus units of that resource. The bonus is x3 of the current mining rate in that System. If the system is under your faction's control then the faction mining bonus (x12) also stacks with this one. With these two bonuses its possible to get 36 units from a single block.

They can be found on:


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