White Crystal Armor

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White Crystal Armor
White Crystal Armor.png
Hit Points1000
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)507

White Crystal Armor is an alternate armor reinforcement for White Advanced Armor. By using crystals in place of hardeners, standard armor is made transparent but no less powerful. Great for creating color tinted windows with the same defensive capabilities as its opaque counterpart however mass is similarly an issue. This block is the basis for its colored armor line, additional shapes are made from this one block.

Through the use of Advanced Build Mode it is possible to compress this block into Slab variations of itself. Slabs maintain the exact same stats as the original block but are smaller in size.

Item Description

"Processing Crystal Blocks along with Standard Armor produces Crystal Armor. With a complex crystaline composition, it grants increased health and greater damage reducing properties."


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
White Standard Armor
White Standard Armor.png White Crystal Armor
White Crystal Armor.png
Parseen Crystal
Parseen Crystal.png