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Support tools can't actually damage blocks. They are a specialised type of system, and are only useful when used right. The shield drain beam, for instance, isn't going to be enough to win a battle. But when it is used together with a weapon, it can make a big difference. The support tools can have slaves, but can't be slaves themselves. They also can't have any effects linked to them. The modules have to be linked to the computer to work, and they can be activated by logic. For more information on the tables used here, see the section "tables" by "Weapon Systems".


Salvaging will be the main way to get resources. It is possible to salvage everything by hand, but that would take a while. Each beam has to do 200 salvage damage to mine one block. Each individual module adds more damage per tick. It has a set burst time and cool down time, and its power consumption is relatively low. It can have weapon slaves, and each weapon type does different things to the statistics.

The missile slaved system is special. In that system 9 beams fire from one group in a split style when it is at 100% ratio, kind of like a shotgun. If it isn't at 100%, less beams fire. Each split beam uses the same amount of energy as a single beam normally would. This means that if there are 9 beams the power consumption will be 9 times as high for that array as any normal, not linked salvage array with the same amount of modules would use.

Stats for this system Values for this system's slaves
Name (unit) Per module Values Cannon Missile Damage beam Damage pulse
Power Consumption (e/s) yes 40.000 - - 120.000 240.00
Salvage Power (damage/tick) yes 2.000 1.0 - - 12.00
Tick Rate (1 tick=1 s) no 0.025 - - 0.075 0.15
Burst Time (s) no 2.500 - - 7.500 15.00
Cooldown (s) no 5.000 2.5 - - 30.00
Range (in % of sector size) no 0.120 - - 0.360 -
Damage needed for 1 block no 200.000 - - - -


The Astro Technician can repair blocks. It has a set burst time and cooldown, and requires a fair amount of power to operate.

Power Supply Beam

Power Supply Beam modules will draw their power from the ship to which they are attached. They will fire this power in a beam and charge up energy storage units they hit. This is useful for allowing small ships to utilise jump drives more effectively.

Power Drain Beam

Push Pulse

The Push Pulse can push ships away with great force, limiting their control while it happens. It has a moderate cooldown, and the power consumption isn't extremely high. Its range is enormous, much larger than the damage pulse.

Shield Supply Beam

Shield Drain Beam