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Turrets are special rail docked entities that function as either offensive or defensive structures for larger entities. Although mainly used on capital ships and Space Stations they can be used on anything capable of having rail docked entities.


Turrets in StarMade are a core system feature that can allow any entity, large or small, additional means of attack or defense. While not ultimately necessary for ships to function they become increasingly vital as players build larger and larger. As ships begin to grow in size they will inevitably have trouble maneuvering and turning to face targets. When surrounded by enemies it is completely unlikely for players and even for the AI to fight effectively. Space Stations face a similar problem as they can not defend themselves from attack hence the use of Turrets.

Basic Design

Step By Step Turret Creation
#1 Place Rail Turret Axis.pngRail Turret Axis on parent entity.
#2 Dock 1st ship to Rail Turret Axis.pngRail Turret Axis.
#3 Place a second Rail Turret Axis.pngRail Turret Axis
on the 1st ship in a different orientation.
#4 Dock 2nd ship on to 2nd Rail Turret Axis.pngRail Turret Axis.
#5 Add BOBBY AI Module.pngBOBBY AI Module to 2nd ship
#6 Add a weapon system.
#7 Activate the BOBBY AI Module.pngBOBBY AI Module on the 2nd ship.
Basic Components
Docking Module Turret Module AI Module
Rail Docker Rail Turret Axis BOBBY AI Module
Rail Docker.png Rail Turret Axis.png BOBBY AI Module.png

In actuality any ship that is equipped with a BOBBY AI Module.pngBOBBY AI Module and has been docked to a Rail Turret Axis.pngRail Turret Axis block will be technically counted as a Turret. When docked the ship will have 360° degrees of rotation. These types of turrets are called "Single Axis Turrets" as they have only one turning axis. The exact rotational axis will depend greatly on the orientation of both the Ship Core.pngShip Core and its Rail Docker.pngRail Docker. It should also be noted that turrets can dock in a "Z" axis manner but the AI cannot make use of the orientation as it has trouble orienting itself.

While functional single axis turrets are very limited in their uses. It is typically more advantageous to create a "Double axis Turret". This is accomplished by placing another Rail Turret Axis.pngRail Turret Axis block onto the existing single axis turret in a different orientation. Dock another ship to this new turret axis and equip this entity with its own BOBBY AI Module.pngBOBBY AI Module and its done. This second entity is often referred to as the "Barrel" while the first entity is the "Base". Once the Barrel is attached all the player needs is to turn on the AI Module and their turret is ready for duty!

Note: While it is technically possible to have both the base and the barrel with their own BOBBY AI. It is advised that only the Barrel have an AI Module as it will be able to control the base as well. Having both the Base and the Barrel running their own AIs can cause (potential) problems with the AI.


Weapon Systems
Cannon Computer Missile Computer Damage Beam Computer
Cannon Computer.png Missile Computer.png Damage Beam Computer.png

Turrets are often equipped with the numerous weapons available. Each combination providing a unique advantage. Cannon systems are designed for penetration. Best for punching deep holes into targets or even pushing them away with its immense kinetic force. Missile systems are great for spreading damage out over a large area. The most useful missile combination for turrets are the Missile + Damage Beam system. This combo fires lock-on missiles and the AI has the unique ability to instantly lock on to targets while the player must wait several seconds for a lock. Finally Damage Beam systems provide a fast, instantaneous, and direct line of attack. They are great for dropping the shields of targets.

Since turrets are still ships they can have and make use of (most) weapon systems installed. However the down side to this is that turrets will draw power from its parent entity. Players should design their ships accordingly if they wish to have a large number of turrets.




Single Axis


Double Axis


Stationary (Auto Cannons)




Advanced Design