Rail Turret Axis

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Rail Turret Axis
Rail Turret Axis.png
Hit Points100
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)665

Rail Turret Axis' are rail docks that allow ships to be used as turrets on Space Stations and other ships. Each block allows 360 degree rotations however only on one axis. The most effective turrets are comprised of two docked entities that make use of two different axis'.

Item Description

"This is the turret axis module. Use a Rail Docker to dock to this block. A Rail axis will only move within the axis the block is facing. However, it is possible to chain two of them together to make turrets with full 360 degree freedom."


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Sintyr Capsule
Sintyr Capsule.png Rail Turret Axis
Rail Turret Axis.png


Further information: Defense Systems § Turrets

Rail Turret Axis blocks fill a much needed role in StarMade. They allow players to create Turrets, dockable vessels capable of protecting larger structures such as Space Stations and other ships. Rail Turret Axis blocks act as pivot points for the rotation of docked ships. Unlike Rail Rotator Clock Wises/Rail Rotator Counter Clock Wises, Rail Turret Axis' do not require logic signals to function and docked ships can freely spin a full 360° degrees along the horizontal axis (provided there is room to do so). To allow the fullest range of movement another ship must be docked in a perpendicular direction to the first. This second ship is often considered the "Barrel" while the first is the "Base".

Turrets can be any ship that is docked to a Rail Turret Axis. To begin players must place a Rail Turret Axis on the entity they wish to add a turret to. The "Face" of the block depicts an arrow which will determine the default direction the turret will face. The axis block can be rotated in 24 different directions. Once placed players must then dock their prospective turret. It is wise for players to clear the area of any obstructions on the parent entity to prevent turrets from getting stuck while rotating. However certain configurations may use this as a means to control a turrets firing arc. Attaching one docked ship is all that is needed but will only allow that turret to rotate along one axis. Placing another Rail Turret Axis in a direction perpendicular to the first will enable another ship to be used as the Barrel. For example: The Base is only capable of rotating left and right therefore the barrel must be oriented in a way that it rotates up and down.

While mostly used by the AI players can enter a turret to control it manually. If one enters the base ship then players can only control the left and right movements fortunately entering the barrel will allow players to control both the horizontal and vertical movements. It should also be noted that the base and the barrel do not always have to rotate in the same way. It is possible to design a turret in which the base moves vertically and the barrel moves horizontally.


  • Since its purpose is very specific Rail Turret Axis blocks cannot be turned into other rail blocks. They still allow turrets to be docked via standard rail movement but once the docked ship rests on a axis block it will stop in its tracks and be counted as a turret.
  • Rail Speed Controllers do not have any effect on Rail Turret Axis'.


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