Rail Speed Controller

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Rail Speed Controller
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Hit Points25
Data Value (ID)672

Rail Speed Controllers are special utility blocks of the rail docking system. They can modify the speed at which rails move entities, as well as the rotation speed of rail rotators based on linked Activation Modules. Rail Speed Controllers do not affect Shootout Rails. They also do not affect the transfer speed of Rail Loaders and Unloaders.

Even the simplest Rail Speed Controller setup allows rail movement to be accelerated to up to twice the default speed. Note that actual speed may still be limited by the docked entities mass.

Item Description

The rail speed controller is used to manipulate the speed of your rails. Place it down and connect from it to all the rails that should be controlled. Using shift+V in build mode will add all touching rail blocks in the same direction. Then connect any number of activation blocks from the rail speed controller. The number of active blocks in opposition to the number of inactive blocks determines the speed percentage. So 5 active and 5 inactive is 50% of max speed, the same as 100 active and 100 inactive


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Jisper Capsule
Jisper Capsule.png Rail Speed Controller
Rail Speed Controller.png
Sintyr Capsule
Sintyr Capsule.png


Primary Module
Activation Module
Activation Module.png

The Rail Speed Controller is used to adjust the speed at which linked rails move entities.

To control the speed of rails, link the Rail Speed Controller to all rails that should be affected by it. Then link the Rail Speed Controller to any number of Activation Modules. The speed at which the linked rails will move docked entities is based on the percentage of linked Activation Modules that are active.

If for example the Rail Speed Controller is linked to 10 Activation Modules and 5 of them are active, docked entities will move at 50% speed. If 8 are active, rails will move entities at 80% speed. With all linked Activation Modules active, rails will move entities at full speed. If Activation Modules are linked, but none are active, rails will stop moving docked entities altogether.

The top speed of a rail is approximately 3 metres per second. Without a Rail Speed Controller, rails will move docked entities at 50% speed.


While a Rail Speed Controller will always try to move a docked entity at the speed set by its Activation Modules, the actual achievable speed is dependant on the docked entities mass. By default, rails can support entities with a mass of up to 50. For any more, Rail Mass Enhancers need to be added to the structure. For more information, see Rail Mass Enhancer.

Penalties from exceeding supported mass are applied to individual entities, and are not shared across all entities docked to the same rail system.


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