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Hit Points50
Data Value (ID)15

Radar Jammers are special stealth systems that allow players to mask their ship's radar signature from other ships. This makes it difficult for other ships to get a lock on them with lock-on missiles as well as detect them on the navigation menu.

Item Description

"The Radar Jammer will hide your Signature to all other pilots in the sector. However it's limitations are similar to that of the Cloaker. Larger objects will need a larger amount of power to remain jammed. To use, you must assign them to a key like other ship systems."


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Hattel Capsule
Hattel Capsule.png RadarJammer
Threns Capsule
Threns Capsule.png


The Radar Jammer is considered an important and widely used stealth modules, especially for large ships. One of its main uses is to prevent taking damage from turrets; a ship with no signature is invisible to turrets, as well as AI ships. However players will still be able to see and manually target a radar jammed ship. Cloakers are often used in conjunction with radar jammers to enable total invisibility from both the radar and sight. However since Radar Jammers have a much lower energy requirement per block then cloakers do they are more widely used. While Radar Jammers can be placed on stations, it offers no functionality, due to the fact that they cannot be activated through logic, and there currently is no way to 'pilot' a station. Due to this radar jammers are an exclusively ship based system.

To begin using a Radar Jammer players must simply place on a ship of thier choice. Only the computer is required to enable the system. Once place open the Weapons Menuweapon menu and drag the radar jammer icon to the hot bar. To activate the system just highlight it on the hot bar and press Left Click. The system will not give any visual indication that the ship is now jamming other than the icon on the hot bar glowing. While the system is active it should be draining power.


A Radar Jammer, when deactivated, cannot be turned on again for a period defined by the cause of its deactivation. These reactivation delays are listed in the table below, with brief definitions for each condition listed prior:

  • Turned Off: When the Radar Jammer is turned off by the player piloting the jammed ship.
  • Action Taken: When the jammed ship performs any of the actions listed below:
    • Firing any weapon system.
    • Activating any support tool system.
    • Activating the Ship Core in the hotbar (fires a "Core Beam" which can open doors).
    • Using a Scanner (This is uncertain, since a cloaked ship using a Scanner will trigger the Scanned condition, which has a longer delay than the penalty for taking an action).
  • Actions which do not trigger the Action Taken condition:
  • Power Failure: When the jammed ship runs out of power to sustain the radar jam.
  • Ship Hit: When the jammed ship takes any damage (excluding to shields).
  • Scanned: When a ship in the same sector as the jammed ship activates a Scanner. If the jammed ship activates a Scanner, this will cause it to unjam itself.

Jam Reactivation Delays
Cause Delay (seconds)
Turned Off 1
Action Taken 6
Power Failure 6
Ship Hit 10
Scanned 30


  • Radar Jammers not only hides the presence of a ship, but all ships docked to it. This is not only helpful for protecting the ships docked to you, but it can also be used as a method to conceal rail systems to prevent a clutter of on-screen markers on advanced rail structures.