Mine Layer

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Mine Layer
Mine Layer.png
Hit Points100
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)41

Mine Layers are the main terminal for Mine Laying systems. Mines layers rather than fire a projectile or beam instead deploys a mine into space. These mines have no propulsion or no defenses of their own however they can be outfitted with various offensive systems. Only One Mine Core is allowed per system.

Item Description

Connect a mine core to this block to produce and lay mines. It needs to be connected to storage to pull mine blocks from.


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Sintyr Capsule
Sintyr Capsule.png Mine Layer
Mine Layer.png
Threns Capsule
Threns Capsule.png
Alloyed Metal Mesh
Alloyed Metal Mesh.png


Primary Module
Mine Core
Mine Core.png
Connection Method
Select computer withC
and connect with V
Primary Fire
Left Click Lay Mine
Right Click Arm Mines (Hold)
Lay highly customize-able Mines



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