Proximity Type Mine-Module

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Proximity Type Mine-Module
Proximity Type Mine-Module.png
Hit Points100
Reactor Hit Points0
Data Value (ID)358

Proximity Type Mine-Modules are Weapon type modules for Mine laying systems. Placing them adjacent to Mine Cores will make the mines laid by this system become highly explosive and will pursue entities that get within its range. Only one weapon type module can be used on a system at a time.

Item Description

When put right next to a Mine Core, it turns the mine into a short range moving proximity mine. Fires once when activated.


Production Info
Produced in a Standard Factory Standard Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Threns Capsule
Threns Capsule.png Proximity Type Mine-Module
Proximity Type Mine-Module.png
Crystal Composite
Crystal Composite.png


Primary Computer
Mine Core
Mine Core.png
Connection Method
Place Adjacent to its computer.



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