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The Outcasts are a neutral band of misfits made of up of an assortment of alien species. They generally avoid contact with other factions but can be befriended through diplomacy.


"The Outcasts is a loose organization comprised of many different alien species. The harshness of space has left these people without a home, and so they rely on each to survive. The Outcasts are not particularly strong, but treat outsiders with justifiable wariness. The Outcasts are spread thin across the stars and seek to avoid the attention of others."




Blight Class Bomber
The Blight Class Bomber is a standardized military vessel for the Outcast. The ship is fairly straight-forward and reflects larger military ships in it's design. The ship has seating for a pilot and the bomber.

Blight.png Stats
Class Bomber
Blueprint Class Defense
45m / 14m / 21m
564,240.6 35,192.4 e/sec
Thrust / Max Speed 556.2 180.3
6,379 280 s/sec
Armor Hit Points 110,850
Structure Hit Points 128,455
Weapons Missile Computer.pngCannon Computer.pngPiercing Effect Computer.png Missile Computer
+Cannon Computer(85.3%)
+Piercing Effect (36.8%)
Stat Value
Number of Arrays 1
Type Dumb Fire
Firing Direction (In relation to the vessel) Forward (Top)
Damage Output (Per Array) 9,237.6
Blast Radius (In Blocks) 7.8
Reload (In Seconds) 3.06
Shots (Per Activation) 1
Projectile Speed (In Meters per Second) 503.3
Range (In Sector Lengths) 1.6
Power Usage (Per Array & Per Activation) 46,188.2
Missile Computer.pngDamage Beam Computer.pngPiercing Effect Computer.png Missile Computer
+Damage Beam Computer(38.2%)
+Piercing Effect (100%)
Stat Value
Number of Arrays 1
Type Lock On
Firing Direction (In relation to the vessel) Forward (Bottom)
Damage Output (Per Array) 85,764.7
Blast Radius (In Blocks) 17.0
Reload (In Seconds) 26.4
Shots (Per Activation) 1
Projectile Speed (In Meters per Second) 257.1
Range (In Sector Lengths) 2.8
Power Usage (Per Array & Per Activation) 428,823.5
Equipment Scanner Computer.png Scanner System Stat Value
Number of Blocks 20
Total Charged Needed 251,623.6
Charge Time (Approx.) 45.00 sec
Power Usage (Per Second) 5,500.00
Modules/Modules Needed 20 164
Jump Drive Computer.png Jump Drive System Stat Value
Number of Blocks 34
Total Charged Needed 478,587.1
Charge Time (Approx.) 41.00 sec
Power Usage (Per Second while Charging) 11,700.00
Modules/Modules Needed 34 147
Inner Ship Remote.png Inner Ship Remote"no data" Toggles the Engine lights on and off.
Rail Docker.png Rail Docker
(Location: 16,5,27)
Located underneath the vessel.


Blitz Class Patrol Ship
Despite it's size, the ship employs the use of two turrets along with a hard mounted cannon. While it may not have the defensive capability of a Trading Guild patrol ship, the two can still go toe to toe with one another. This version improves upon the original design in many ways. Many of the external components have now been seated behind armor panels. The entire ship performs better. The cockpit was moved to the rear to avoid being directly in the line of fire from oncoming attacks.


Pioneer Class Small Exploration Vessel
The design of the Outcast's dedicated exploration vessel is unusual. The vessel comes with no offensive capabilities, and minor defenses. Instead it relies on it's massive engines to get it out of trouble in a pinch. It also employs the use of a large sensor array, which comprises most of the bow. If needed, it can also activate it's anti gravity generator located in the stern, to combat the effects of gravity wells. Underneath the ship is room for a detachable Pioneer Pod and the lower hull serves as a cargo bay for any salvage one may bring in.

Pioneer Pod

Pioner Pod | Outcast Exploration Pod
The Outcast's are first and foremost, scavengers. Not the dangerous pirate-y kind. They do not have a massive established economic empire such as the Trading Guild. As such, they often explore the wrecks of derelict ships and stations throughout the region. This exploration pod allows them to get into the tighter spaces of these vessels.


Prospect Class Small Salvager
The Prospect is the premiere mining vessel for the Outcasts. The ship fields an impressive salvager, considering it's size. In addition, there is also supplementary systems to aid in salvage and mining operations.


Scud Class Shuttle
The Scud is a robust thing. Despite it's sturdy design, it is quite mediocre as far as shuttles go. It contains only two passenger seats and minimal cargo capacity. Still, many fit additional equipment in it's limited interior as they see fit.


Spade Class Mining Pod
The Spade is a one-man mining pod capable of docking to the Prospect. This vessel makes appearances on other large mining barges, but is generally accepted as a supplement to the Prospect only. If needed, a rudimentary AI system can be activated if the pilot is absent.


Transit Class Small Freighter
Here we see a prime example of Outcast Engineering. Many Outcast vessels make use of angled hulls. These ships are robust yet plain, and in some cases more utilitarian than the Trading Guild ships. While the Outcasts do not exactly piece their ships together as much as the Scavenger pirates do, there are still elements of randomness. Over time the design of the ship was modified, but the hull remained the same. As a result, many newer components of the latest versions are attached to the exterior. The freighter itself does not support as much cargo as the TG counterpart. Instead it boasts impressive thruster systems, and makes for a good blockade runner.


Ward Class Transport Frigate
The Ward serves as both a transport, and as a military vessel. The vessel was once solely a transport ship, intended to ferry citizens across space. Due to the dangers of space, the vessel now comes equipped with multiple weapon systems. It is the first ship in the Outcast lineup to be manufactured en-masse at major shipyards.