Overdrive Effect Computer

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Overdrive Effect Computer
Overdrive Effect Computer.png
TypeOverdrive Effect Computer
Hit Points50
Armor HP0
Structure HP75
Data Value (ID)476

Overdrive Effect Computers are the controller computer for Overdrive Effect systems. This effect system can be slaved to a weapon system to significantly improve weapon damage at the cost of dramatically increased power usage.

They add to your ship's maximum speed if used alone.

Connecting more modules to the computer will increase the potency of the desired effect.

See Effects and Tertiary Systems for more information.


Primary Computer Module
Overdrive Effect Computer Overdrive Effect Module
Overdrive Effect Computer.png Overdrive Effect Module.png

Place this module on a structure and connect it to its appropriate computer to either enable that system or enhance an existing one.

Overdrive Effect Modules much like any other enhancer module are designed to increase the power and effectiveness of its associated system. As an effect system this module will have differing effects depending on whether or not the effect computer is connected to a weapon system.

Offensively: Increasing the module count ratio on an Overdrive enhanced weapon will increase the damage dealt to the target, while also making the weapon much more power-intensive to fire. The module count ratio can be seen in the Weapons menu.

Specifically, at 100% effect, your weapon system will be doing triple damage, but will cost six times as much energy. For main-gun weapons on board a ship, this is rarely the right effect to choose, as it is much easier to add blocks to a weapon system than it is to add reactor capability. However, Overdrive excels as a Turret weapon, since the turrets draw power from their host ship, and an Overdrive weapon can be 1/3rd the size of a similarly powerful weapon (or 1/6th the size of a similar-cost weapon). Smaller turrets can be harder to hit, leave more room for shield systems or armor, and/or can be easier to design for better coverage.

Defensively: at maximum efficiency, Overdrive can improve your ship's maximum speed by 50%. It does not affect your acceleration, braking, etc which makes it more useful for already-nimble fighters and corvettes than it does for larger ships. It can also be useful for cargo-, mining- and travel-based ships in addition to the Jump Drive, or on ships where Jump Drives aren't feasible.


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Sapsun Capsule
Sapsun Capsule.png Overdrive Effect Computer
Overdrive Effect Computer.png
Parseen Capsule
Parseen Capsule.png