EMP Effect Computer

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EMP Effect Computer
EMP Effect Computer.png
TypeEMP Effect Computer
Hit Points50
Armor HP0
Structure HP75
Data Value (ID)424

EMP Effect Computers are the controller computer for EMP Effect systems. This effect system can be slaved to a weapon system to convert weapon damage to power damage, reducing the power of the entity hit.

They add energy capacity damage defense to your ship if used alone.

Connecting more modules to the computer will increase the potency of the desired effect.

See Effects and Tertiary Systems for more information.


Primary Computer Module
EMP Effect Computer EMP Effect Module
EMP Effect Computer.png EMP Effect Module.png

Place this module on a structure and connect it to its appropriate computer to either enable that system or enhance an existing one.

EMP Effect Modules much like any other enhancer module are designed to increase the power and effectiveness of its associated system. As an effect system this module will have differing effects depending on whether or not the effect computer is connected to a weapon system.

Offensively: Increasing the module count ratio on an EMP enhanced weapon will increase the damage dealt to the target's power capacity proportional to the weapon's damage output. At 100% ratio all of the weapon system's damage will be dealt directly to the targets power. At this stage no damage is dealt to the target at all. The module count ratio can be seen in the Weapons menu.

At 100% effect, EMP weapons deal 20 times their normal damage to the enemy's power supply, rather than to shields blocks. This effect ignores shields. EMP can be a very powerful weapon in disabling a target ship: when used on a continuous-fire weapon (such as any weapon with a Cannon slave) it is entirely possible to ground out the enemy's power supply, thereby turning off their weapons, halting their shield regeneration, and helping to prevent their jump drive from charging, for example. Alternatively, a larger burst-damage weapon can zero out the enemy power for a few moments, which can play havoc with the timings of their weapon firings, for example. If the enemy ship has their power demands very closely balanced to their power supply, an EMP weapon becomes even more powerful in simply annoying them.

While you can't stop their reactor from generating power (unless your EMP weapon completely overpowers their reactor), whenever a ship tries to use a weapon they do not have the power to fire, they receive a 'Power Failure' warning and their reactor halts for a few moments. A few seconds of no-power-generation can often work out to a huge net power loss, making EMP weapons very effective against player-controlled ships.

Since they do no damage (at maximum effect) and are thus not ideal as 'main gun' weapons, EMP turrets are extremely handy to have, as the turret can kneecap your target while you damage it with more conventional weapons. Alternatively, consider using a 25-50% EMP weapon to deal conventional damage alongside the power-draining effect. EMP also pairs well with a Stop weapon, especially if you can completely overpower the enemy reactor to prevent the use of their thrusters.

Defensively: Decreases the amount of EMP damage you receive. At max efficiency (50%) a ship will only receive half of all energy capacity damage, even from an EMP enhanced weapon with 100% module count ratio.


Production Info
Produced in a Advanced Factory Advanced Factory.png
RequiresTo create
Fertikeen Capsule
Fertikeen Capsule.png EMP Effect Computer
EMP Effect Computer.png
Bastyn Capsule
Bastyn Capsule.png